Temporal Top Ten – 1954

top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 28
Number of movies reviewed – 30 (including 2 Encore Reviews)

10. The Bridges of Toko-Ri

9. Executive Suite

8. The Country Girl

7. On the Waterfront

6. Rear Window

5. A Star is Born

4. The Seven Samurai

3. The Caine Mutiny

2. Dial M for Murder

  1. Suddenly
  1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  2. A Star Is Born       Encore Review
  3. Adventure in the Hopfields
  4. An Inspector Calls
  5. Brigadoon
  6. Casino Royale
  7. Dial M for Murder
  8. Executive Suite
  9. Hobson’s Choice
  10. Men of the Fighting Lady
  11. Night People
  12. On the Waterfront
  13. Rear Window
  14. Robinson Crusoe
  15. Sabrina
  16. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  17. Suddenly      Encore Review
  18. The Barefoot Contessa
  19. The Bridges at Toko-Ri
  20. The Caine Mutiny
  21. The Country Girl
  22. The Glenn Miller Story
  23. The High and the Mighty
  24. The Seven Samurai
  25. The Siege at Red River
  26. Three Coins in the Fountain
  27. White Christmas
  28. Witness to Murder


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