Temporal Top Ten – 1959

top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 40
Number of movies reviewed – 43 (including 3 Encore Reviews)

10. Pickpocket

9. The Mouse That Roared

8. Some Like it Hot

7. Operation Petticoat

6. Pork Chop Hill

5. North By Northwest

4. Anatomy of a Murder

3. The Diary of Anne Frank

2. Ben-Hur

  1. Rio Bravo



  1. 400 Blows
  2. Anatomy of a Murder                 Encore Review
  3. Ballad of a Soldier
  4. Battle of the Coral Sea
  5. Ben-Hur
  6. Compulsion
  7. Face of a Fugitive
  8. Imitation of Life
  9. Never So Few
  10. North by Northwest
  11. Odds Against Tomorrow
  12. On the Beach
  13. Operation Amsterdam
  14. Operation Petticoat
  15. Our Man in Havana
  16. Pickpocket
  17. Pillow Talk
  18. Pork Chop Hill
  19. Rio Bravo  Encore Review
  20. Room at the Top
  21. S.O.S. Pacific
  22. Sleeping Beauty
  23. Some Like It Hot
  24. Suddenly, Last Summer
  25. The Diary of Anne Frank  Encore Review
  26. The Horse Soldiers
  27. The Hound of the Baskervilles
  28. The Last Angry Man
  29. The Last Blitzkrieg
  30. The Mouse That Roared
  31. The Nun’s Story
  32. The Shaggy Dog
  33. The St. Louis Bank Robbery
  34. The Story on Page One
  35. The Young Philadelphians
  36. They Came to Cordura
  37. Two Men in Manhattan
  38. Up Periscope
  39. Warlock
  40. Yesterday’s Enemy


2 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten – 1959

  1. Forgot how strong a year 1959 was. And with all that – you had Rio Bravo at 1? No Pillow Talk? No Nun’s Story? Some Like It Hot at 8? I might’ve had Ben Hur at 1 since I saw it aS A KID AND FOR A LONGTIME – IT WAs my favorite movie of all time. Since been supplanted by a bunch. But might still be a Top 10.certainly a Top 20.


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