Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actress – Oscars 1989

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot)
Anjelica Huston (Enemies, A Love Story)
Lena Olin (Enemies, A Love Story)
Julia Roberts (Steel Magnolias)
Dianne Wiest (Parenthood)

Biggest Snub:

Amy Madigan – Field of Dreams

My Overall Thoughts:

This is a year with 5 great nominees and any of them would have been deserving of winning this award, but two of them were quite powerful and had the best chances.

My Rankings:

Supporting Actress

5. Lena Olin
4. Dianne Wiest
3. Anjelica Huston
2. Julia Roberts
1. Brenda Fricker


4. My Left FootDay Lewis’ performance holds up an ok story. There is a reason that he is the sole owner of three best actor Oscars. The rest of the cast is also good, but Fricker and McAnally stand out as his supportive parents.
3. Enemies, A Love StoryFun and interesting story that moves in ways one would never expect. The story is quite unique and they find interesting ways to add new surprises along the way. Silver is great in the lead and is helped by all three of his leading ladies to make things remain plausible despite the supposition that things are too out of control. Huston and Olin were both nominated for Oscars in supporting roles, but neither was able to win. Loved the way that each of the women were so very different from one another yet they all are able to have strong connections with the same man who in turn is in love with all of them and has much trouble choosing which one between the is the best partner for him.
2. Steel MagnoliasGreat film that manages to give us some well developed characters that helps make things quite enjoyable. The dialogue is superbly written and the delivery is even better because they find a way to make these characters truly come to life in front of us. The overall plot is good, but the segments don’t feel as balanced and that takes away a bit from it all. The cast is superbly chosen and it’s hard to imagine a better group of women taking on these roles. Field, Dukakis, Hannah, Pardon, Roberts and MacLaine all are perfect together and it’s easy to believe that these women have been friends a neighbors for a long time. The story is interesting and they find ways to make us laugh, cry and cherish the friends and life that we have because no one ever really knows what will be in the future. Roberts got her forts Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her work here and was deservingly chosen for that honor.
1. ParenthoodAmazing movie that really reflects how real parenting works. Amazing cast led by the infallible Martin works so well and it’s easy to see the synergism between them all. So many of the scenes are so iconic and can easily resemble events that can (and probably have) happen to just about anyone.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Most Definitely!  BF is superb in MLF and was quite deserving of her win here, the other 4 nominees are all great here but BF’s performance is slightly more powerful than the others.  Roberts is a close second in her first Oscar nominated performance.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

One thought on “Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actress – Oscars 1989

  1. Disagree on Madigan. Good movie but hers was not a meaty enough role IMO. On the rest… I liked Lena Olin – but 2 niominees from the same film tend to cancel each other out with vote splitting.


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