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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – British Comedies, here’s a review of The World’s End (2013) by Darren of Movie Reviews 101.

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Let’s see what Darren thought of this movie:


The World’s End (2013)

Directed by Edgar Wright and written by Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright.

The story here follows five school friends that attempted the Newton Haven Golden Mile pub crawl which includes 12 pubs, in their teenage years thee five failed to complete this, now in their 40-years Gary King (Pegg) wants to complete the pub crawl with his friends who have all gone on to start their own successful lives, we have Andy (Frost) who went into law, Oliver (Freeman) that went into real estate, Steven (Considine) who works in construction and Peter (Marsan) who is a car salesman.

The old friends arrive to see the local pubs have been taken over by commercial chains, the four friends that have grown up are not prepared for this type of night, while Gary is desperate for the night to unfold, as the past starts to come back and haunt them. Just when the tension is about to blow between the friends, the night takes an unexpected twist, when they get into a fight against a group robots, which sees the group needing to do battle against an unknown number of robots and complete the pub crawl.

When it comes to British comedies we are lucky enough to have produced some of the most popular ones of all time, the Cornetto trilogy is one of the most popular of the recent years too, while most people do lean towards ‘Shaun of the Dead’ or ‘Hot Fuzz’, for me this is the best one. I have always enjoyed this one more because of the pub crawl and friendship elements, it is one that I can relate too, as we know a pub crawl is something that the British love.

In typical Edgar Wright style, we do get given the complete story early on with the not so subtle foreshadowing that became famous in ‘Shaun of the Dead’. This is clever and something to look out for on the second viewing. Having the action sci-fi elements makes this even more enjoyable as we get to see just how big the events of the town have gotten. The performances make this look like a perfectly cast movie, that will get the laughs, even if there is a major story moment that only seems to get glanced over because it is a moment that has a serious impact on their friendship.

My rating for this film is 10/10

One thought on “Genre Grandeur – The World’s End (2013) – Movie Reviews 101

  1. The World’s End got a lot of flack when it came out for not being laugh out loud funny but I thought it had some hilarious moments and the chemistry between the actors, especially unsurprisingly Pegg and Frost was excellent. I also liked that it was a deeper exploration into what it means to grow up, letting go of the past and the concept of happiness. Although Gary is a dreadful person, he is still sympathetic and it’s easy to cheer him on, even though his quest is ridiculous. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead but much better than Hot Fuzz.


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