The Next Three Days (2010)

“But before you do anything, you have to ask yourself if you can do it. Can you forget about ever seeing your parents again? Can you kill a guard? Leave your kid at a gas station? Push some nice old lady to the ground just because she gets between you and the door? Because to do this thing, that’s who you have to become. And if you can’t, don’t start, ’cause you’ll just get someone killed. ” – Damon Pennington

Number of Times Seen – 1 (30 Apr 2019)

Brief Synopsis – After his wife is imprisoned for a murder she claims she didn’t commit, a college professor tries to think of a way to break her out when all legal avenues have been used.

My Take on it – This is a film that I have been interested in seeing ever since it came out and was actually surprised to find out that I had never seen it beforehand.

They do a nice job here giving us a fun prison break movie that borders on the unbelievable yet still finds a way to keep things thrilling and suspenseful throughout.

The added factor of giving these two main character a very strong emotional bond helps make us root fr things to work out because we feel so much for their plight.

Russel Crowe and Elisabeth banks are both great in the lead roles and make us believe their connection even when thing look bleak for them.

The choice to keep certain aspects of the plot very ambiguous was a great one because it gives the viewer that much more to consider when trying to deal with everything that is transpiring here.

Really liked how they utilized some very high profile actors for supporting roles and allow them to assist the characters on the path they have chosen to take.

Liam Neeson, Jason Beghe, Aisha Hinds, Olivia Wilde, Daniel Stern and especially Brian Dennehy are all great in these small yet significant roles.

Yes, this kind of film will ultimately roll into very implausible areas over the course of the story, but they still somehow manage to make them at least seem believable even if we know deep down that they aren’t.

This is a film that is truly far from perfect yet it still manages to accomplish what it sets out to do and that is to entertain us from start to finish.

Bottom Line – Fun prison break film that despite being a bit unbelievable still manages to keep things enjoyable and thrilling. Crowe and Banks are both great as the main characters and we can feel for their plight. The choice to keep certain aspects of the plot ambiguous works well because it gives us even more to ponder as the story moves along. Liked how they had some high profile actors in supporting roles who find ways to help guide the characters along their path. Neeson, Beghe, Hinds, Wilde, Stern and especially Dennehy are all superb in these small yet significant roles. The story moves into some implausible zones towards the end, but they still find a way to make things work despite this. Far from perfect, yet still enjoyable for what it sets out to do. Recommended

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Elizabeth Banks met with prisoners and guards to get a better impression of what life in jail might be like. She was incarcerated in a cell for as long as she could tolerate – which amounted to about five minutes. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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