Opposing Force (1986)

“Look, You got a limp and I got t*ts; these aren’t great things to have in the military. So, why don’t we pair up and get through the course as best as we can? ” – Casey

Number of Times Seen – at least twice (Cable in the 80’s and 15 May 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A group of soldiers volunteer for a survival training program but don’t quite understand how far the commander of the Army camp will go to help them achieve their full potential.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recall seeing on cable as a kid and only now fully understand what it’s all about.

This film has a great premise and manages to present it in a competent and powerful way.

Really liked the way that they have these characters choose to partake in this experiment without them truly understanding what the true purpose of things will be.

This works really well especially when they decide to take things to various extremes along the way.

The cast is quite good here and it’s great seeing Tom Skerritt, Anthony Zerbe and Richard Roundtree in such roles.

The obvious standout is Lisa Eichhorn since she s the sole female cast member among the soldiers.

Towards the end, the impact of the premise is slightly muddled which hurts things a bit even if they find a way to present things quite well.

Zerbe is quite convincing as the sadistic camp commander even when he crosses lines that end up showing his true self.

Bottom Line – Great idea that is not presented powerfully enough. The choice to have these characters join a program without the true knowledge of the purpose of things works really well especially when trying to show us the extent that things will be taken. The cast is ok, but obviously Eichhorn stands out the most among them all due to her being a woman surrounded by lots of men. The story loses part of its impact towards the end even though the way that things are presented is relatively done right. Zerbe plays the sadistic camp commander really well and is quite convincing in all that he does even when he crosses lines that show his true self. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Casey gets put into the isolation box for the first time, she is wearing an orange POW poncho. A close up of her inside the box, however, clearly shows the outline of her unit patch on the shoulder of her flight suit. When she is taken out, she is still wearing the poncho. Only during the second time she is put into the box is she wearing her flight suit. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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