Fat Man and Little Boy (1989)

“Hey Oppenheimer! Oppenheimer! You oughta stop playing God, ’cause you’re no good at it, and the position’s taken! ” – Richard Schoenfield

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 May 2019)

Brief Synopsis – AS World War II wages on overseas, a group of scientists and soldiers try to find a way to create a weapon that could stop the violence.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recall hearing about when it came out thirty years ago and despite always being fascinated with the idea of The Manhattan Project, I never had much interest in seeing what this film was all about.

Upon finally seeing this film, I must admit that I was thoroughly disappointed with it because it isn’t nearly as good as it could have been since it has so much potential.

This film has a great cast yet they are all wasted here.

Even the fact that Paul Newman is the lead actor here doesn’t help make this film any more interesting especially since Newman himself feels quite miscast in the role and isn’t utilizes enough throughout the film.

The story is told in a really slow pace and the fact that is incoherently jumps back and forth between the military and scientific aspects of the weapon doesn’t help since both sides have different aspirations or ideas of how to utilize the weapon and how things should progress in this secret mission.

The most memorable of the supporting characters is played by Laura Dern even she too is underused in her role.

Bottom Line – Really disappointing film that could have been so much more interesting. The great cast is wasted here and even Newman feels miscast and underused here in this role.  The story moves at a super slow pace and jumps back and forth between the perspectives of the scientists and soldiers who have different aspirations and ideas of what and how things should be done.  Dern is the most memorable of the characters and even she doesn’t have enough to do.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The code names for the weapons – “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” – stem from characters in the written stories of writer Dashiell Hammett. Originally the names “Fat Man” and “Thin Man” were lifted directly from the stories, but the Thin Man weapon design (a Plutonium gun-type weapon) had to be abandoned. The relatively small Uranium gun-type weapon that followed was then named “Little Boy” as a contrast to “Fat Man”. (From IMDB)

Rating –Razzie Worthy (4/10)


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