Munich ’72 and Beyond (2016)

“Because we knew it was not a simple case. It was much more complicated. Let us not forget what happened here in 1972. So that it will never happen again. ” – Ankie Spitzer

Number of Times Seen – 1 (6 Jun 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A look at the events of the Munich Olympic massacre and the repercussions over the past 40 years especially from the viewpoint of the families who wish to create a proper memorial.

My Take on it – This is a documentary that I came across after recently watching 21 Hours at Munich (1976) and One Day in September (1999) that adds so much more information and knowledge to the events of the 5th of September 1972.

It is just as powerful as the other two films and manages to take the story of the massacre one step further since it shows us recent interviews with people very connected to the events including family members, athletes and even politicians that were part of the events as they happened.

We get to see how all of these people have been affected by the events of 40+ years since that fateful day.

Their stories are quite moving and they do a nice ob of showing some of the contradictions between the stories told by using graphic, yet necessary descriptions of some of the things that happened.

This film sheds so much light on the process that the families have been doing to try and move forward during those years while at the same time seeking a way to properly memorialize their loved ones.

This has not been easy for them since both the German Authorities and the Olympic Committee have make things quite difficult for them to achieve their goals.

This is a movie tat does a wonderful job showing the personal side of this story and following a brief overview of the events at the beginning, it finds a way to show the very effective ripple effect that had occurred over the past 40+ years.

Bottom Line – Very powerful documentary that takes the story of the massacre one step forward as it shows us interviews of family members and how they have been affected over the past 40+ years since these events occurred. They also are able to shed so much light on the process of the families to try and move on from their grief while also searching for a way to properly memorialize their lived ones despite not receiving much help from the German authorities or the Olympic committee over the years. This film does a great job showing us the personal side of these events after giving us an overview and manages to be quite effective in the way that it describes the ripple effect of this event. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – On September 5th 1972, eight members of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Black September faction scaled the fence into the Olympic Village with assault rifles, pistols and grenades in-tow. Munich ’72 and Beyond tells the story of the Munich Massacre where eleven Israeli Olympic team members were taken hostage and subsequently executed.  This striking documentary retells the story with personal interviews from those related to the murdered athletes and documents the building of a memorial 44 years later. (From PBS)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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