The Lamb’s July 2019 MOTM – My Rankings

As a frequent and steady contributor to The Large Ass Movie Blog, (The LAMB), I always try to get more people involved with the site.

Every Month, the site runs a poll based on the list of films submitted by LAMB members for the prestigious ability of being named as the Movie of the Month that will be discussed on the LAMBCAST podcast during that given month.

I decided that each month I will watch each of the films chosen and give my rankings of those films in order to decide which film I should vote for and in doing so, maybe help some of you also decide which film to vote for.

The voting is open until Sunday the 30th June, so make sure to get your vote in soon.

This month, there were 7 Contenders suggested so here they are: (in alphabetical order)


Here are my rankings along with brief thoughts on each film (click on the film title if you want to read my full review)


7. Singham – Terrible film that is so bad that it is completely laughable throughout its entire two and half hour run time. The story itself has some merit, but the way that it is presented Bollywood style takes so much away from things especially when out of nowhere the characters begin to sing and dance. The plot is a simple one that has been used so many times over and has the potential to be interesting, but they fail miserably in their attempt to make it feel unique.

6. Earth Girls Are Easy – Pretty silly yet fun film. Great cast helps keep things enjoyable. Goldblum, Carrey and Wayans are all hilarious as the aliens and are able to do some wondrous slapstick with whatever props they found on the way. Davis is ok in the lead but she is constantly upstaged by this trio of comedians.  The story is quite silly yet it still constantly makes one smile is spite of the stupidness of it all because things are presented in such a funny way.  The film is a perfect example of an 80’s cult classic which is able to make us crave the 80’s once again. I can completely understand how a film like this could get a cult following even if I will probably never want to watch this again.

5. Scum – Enjoyed the way this movie tries to show how both sides are changed when faced with choices while in the Borstal. Very brutal in its depiction of life in these youth “prisons” and this movie was banned in numerous countries for years because of it.

4. Deep Blue Sea  – Quite a silly yet fun film. The storyline is typical of films in this genre and parts of this movie make much more sense than others. The cast is great and you never know who is safe because in these kind of films no one is safe. The special effects are quite poorly done and it can easily see that the effects need much more work to make it seem more realistic.

3. Tokyo Godfathers – Heartwarming holiday tale that tries to show that even in a dark and dangerous word small gestures can lead to much satisfaction. The three main characters are all developed quite well here and we get a clear sense as to what has led them to the homeless life even if they each yearn to find a normal way of life. The story is filled with many different anecdotes that seem like little coincidences yet they form a path that leads the characters on their quest. The idea of always being able to do some good even if its on a very small scale s apparent throughout this story that works quite well.

2. Drop Dead Gorgeous – Fun film that knows how to utilize the mockumentary medium really well. We are constantly reminded that we are observers of these events (just like the film crew) in order to let things play out. The story works quite well in making us believe that this could possibly really occur which adds so much to things. The cast is quite convincing and Dunst, Janney, Richards, Barkin and Alley are all great here. Lots of fun.

1. Chronicle – Love how this isn’t a typical superhero origin story and that they delve into psychological and philosophical aspects of having powers. Great idea to cast relatively unknown actors in the lead roles because it adds to the realism. If this is what can be done with a small budget, one can only imagine how this would have been had they been given a normal sum to film it.


So who should I vote for? – I think Chronicle is the best of the lot here even though the list has some really fun films to discuss. 

To vote, click here


Good luck to one and all!!!

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