The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

“[Lucy wonders why Aslan hasn’t ridden in to save the day] Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.” – Aslan

Number of Times Seen – Twice (15 Nov 2008 and 18 Jun 2019)

Brief Synopsis – The four children from the previous story travel back to Narnia and discover that 1500 years have passed and they must help a young Prince regain his throne from his scheming uncle.

My Take on it – As with most people in my generation, I read most of the books in the Narnia series as a kid, but I must admit that after 3+ decades, I no longer recall much of the specific details about the stories in the 7 books of the series yet still recall the overall story lines.

This is a good story in the series even if it seems to lack part of the magic that makes the previous film quite enjoyable.

The film is a worthy continuation of the stories of Narnia despite the fact that it lacks the need for as many special effects as the previous film needed to transport us into that magical world.

The story that we get feels like something that Shakespeare might have written and there are numerous elements that are very reminiscent of The Lion King (1994) transplanted to the world of Narnia.

Ben Barnes is the standout among the human cast and is great in the title role since he has a much stronger screen presence and feels more heroic than the actors playing the kids.

For the non-human characters, Peter Dinklage stands out as the best and with his performance here proves that he definitely has a future in these kind of sword and sorcerer epics.

Overall, this is a nice adventure story that even though is presented as a family film, it might be a bit too violent for younger kids.

As enjoyable as it is, it isn’t as good as either of the other two films in the series and this makes it the weakest film of the trilogy.

Bottom Line – Worthy continuation of the stories of Narnia even if it doesn’t share the same kind of magic as the previous film did. The special effects are done well once again yet they are less integral to this tale than they were in the previous film. The story feels more like something from Shakespeare and parts resemble The Lion King (1994) transplanted to Narnia. Barnes shines here as Caspian and gives the story a more heroic leader than we had with the 4 kids from the previous film. Dinklage is great in a very significant role here and proves that he has a future in these kind of sword and sorcerer epics.  Nice adventure story that works even if it was marketed as a family film (which is isn’t entirely).  That being said, this is the weakest of the 3 films in the series.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Peter Dinklage’s prosthetics took three hours to apply. On his first day of filming, he also had to contend with being bitten by sand flies and falling into a river. Producer Mark Johnson joked that they were lucky that Dinklage returned after his first day. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (6/10)


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