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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Wedding Movies, here’s a review of Wedding Crashers (2005) by Darren of Movie Reviews 101.

Thanks again to Emily of The Flapper Dame for choosing this month’s genre.

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Let’s see what Darren thought of this movie:


Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers follow two best friends John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) who spend wedding season crashing weddings meeting women for one night stands, they create backstories to who they are and why they are at each wedding, having this down to a master stroke and rules they follow every year.

When John starts to get slightly tired of the routine, Jeremy talks him into one more wedding, one that will see them crash Secretary Clearly (Christopher Walken) daughter’s wedding, John falls instantly for Claire (Rachel McAdams) another one of his daughters, while Jeremy meets Gloria (Isla Fisher) another one of his daughters.

The problem start when it turns out Claire has a boyfriend and John wants to take everything into overtime, heading back to the Clearly mansion, where the guys age starts to show, but the love they are both going through shines a spotlight on what they do, testing their years of friendship along the way.

Wedding Crashers is a romantic comedy that I could watch over and over again, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have such amazing chemistry, it is hard to see them not working together on projects in the future, even if they do, they can never reach this level again. The idea of the men using weddings to meet woman does work for comedy too, showing how selfish they are.

The story might well be simple enough, with one guy needing to win a heart, the other trying to get away from one, only to realise it is everything he ever wanted, we get plenty of awkward scenes that are meant to be awkward and bring a fresh comic timing to the film too.

This is a must watch comedy for all, 10/10



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