Welcome To Marwen (2018)

“I was beaten up because I was different, so I’ve built a place where I can heal.” – Mark Hogancamp

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 Jul 2019)

Brief Synopsis – After being attacked by thigs, a man escapes into a fantasy world where his World War II action figures become part of his real life.

My Take on it – Such an enjoyable film that was so different from what I expected after seeing the trailer months ago.

This is a story that has lots of emotional depth that help us see how someone could try and find a sway to cope with a physical attack in a very unique way.

The fact that the overall premise of this film is based on fact adds so much to the story.

The special effects in this film are amazing and does a great job enhancing the whole story but still is able to keep a distinction between the real world and the fantasy world of this character.

Steve Carell is superb in the lead role and is able to use his very broad range as an actor to portray these characters in their very different emotional states; a broken man trying to find his place in the real world and a heroic officer fighting the Nazis in the fantasy world.

This story actually made me reminisce about my days as a kid when I would play with action figures like these and imagine things in a very realistic manner.

This movie is actually able to take things to an even higher emotional level since we get to watch the emotional impact these events have on the main character and those around him.

The ability to create such a fantasy world that feels so vivid is an interesting way for someone to choose to deal with their own traumas in life.

Robert Zemekis was a great choice to direct this since he is an expert as merging real and fantasy worlds via special effects.

Bottom Line – Great story with amazing special effects that helps enhance the story while also giving a clear distinction between real and fantasy aspects of things. Carell is superb in the lead and is able to portray the emotional range of both his characters really well.  The story helped me reminisce about the times when I was a kid and played with action figures in a realistic manner, but this film is able to take that to an even higher level because we get to see the emotional impact of things along with a character who has created such a world in order to help him escape from the real one as much as possible. Zemekis is the perfect choice to direct since he has such a great track record of merging real and fantasy worlds in his films via special effects. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In the hobby store, when Mark checks out the miniature medals, the Purple Heart he buys has a reference label next to it reading CRM-114. CRM-114 is a piece of radio equipment in Stanley Kubrick’s “Doctor Strangelove”. The code has then been used by Kubrick in latter films and by other filmmakers as a tribute to him. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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2 thoughts on “Welcome To Marwen (2018)

  1. Wow- interesting review. You’re th 1st person I know who actually saw the movie. The trailer had me curious, but reviews were abysmal and box office was a crash and burn. I’ll look for it on HBO and give it a look.


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