The Operative (2019)

“The people here all have many secrets. There’s too many rules in Iran. So… If uh, you want to drink, you keep it a secret. You marry a woman who is a… Yu understand. She, she had sex. You keep it secret. If you go to a party or a cultural thing too controversial, you keep it secret. You don’t want to fast on Ramadan? Eat in secret. It’s the way of life here. Like a second nature.” – Farhad

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 Aug 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A spy working for the Mossad is sent undercover on a mission to Iran.

My Take on it – This is a film that I came across by accident and was immediately drawn in by the the premise.

The story works really well and allows us to get a great perspective on the kind of life a spy must lead while they are sent on deep cover missions.

We also get to see the kind of bond that can be formed between the spy and their handler as they work together to get the missions done that they are tasked with.

This close bond can be very useful for both of them, but it can also be detrimental since they can get too close while working so intensely on their missions.

The cast of this film is great and includes some great actors making their roles so believable.

Martin Freeman and Diane Kruger are both superb in the lead roles and make us truly believe their characters the whole way through.

The story finds a way to give us an in depth look at the life of a spy where they must create a outer persona in order to keep their work, actions and reflexes on full alert the whole time.

This film’s plot moves along at a great pace and allows us to experience some great dilemmas along the way that show how these characters deal with all of these kinds of situations.

It’s quite fascinating watching how things play out since the story is filled with some nice twists and turns along the way that keep changing the direction of things as they seek out a resolution to the events portrayed.

Bottom Line – Great story that is able to give us so much insight into the kind of life that a spy must lead when working undercover. They also allow us to see how the bond between the spy and their handler can be useful and detrimental to this kind of work. The cast Is great and both freeman and Kruger shine here in the lead roles. The story manages to go quite in depth of how a spy must live their life while working deep undercover and create a whole new persona for themselves in order for things to remain on instinct throughout. They give us a few great dilemmas along the way that need to be dealt with and it’s fascinating to watch how things move along as the story twists and turns its way towards the resolution of things. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  Director Yuval Adler’s second feature length film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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