Sleepers (1996)

“The street is the only thing that matters. Court is for uptown people with suits, money, lawyers with three names. If you got cash you can buy court justice. But on the street, justice has no price. She’s blind where the judge sits but she’s not blind out here. Out here the bitch got eyes.” – Fat Mancho

Number of Times Seen – Twice (video in the 90’s and 6 Aug 2019)

Brief Synopsis – In the 1960’s, a group of kids in Hell’s Kitchen commit a prank that has repercussions for them that resonate over the rest of their lives.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recall seeing not long after it came out on video and haven’t though of much ever since.

I recently came across the title and was reminded of how enjoyable this was and decided to once again see what it was all about.

This is an amazing film that finds a way to to tell a very disturbing story in a very engaging and poignant way that lets it feel very powerful throughout.

The cast of this film helps make it even more enjoyable since it feels as if they all together are able to hold together the pieces of the complex story presented here really well.

Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt, Jason Patric, Robert DeNiro, Kevin bacon, Billy Crudup, Ron Eldard, Brad Renfro, Bruno Kirby and Minnie Driver all help make this film even more powerful and each are excellent in the roles they are given to make us believe this tale.

The story itself is quite powerful and is able to present events to us in a great way.

The films plot is set within two time periods and they are able to find the right kinds of connections between the two time period to crisscross information and events between them in order to make things even more impactful along the way.

The story is able to draw the viewer in quite deep during the first half which gives us so much insight into the events of the second half making it even more powerful along the way.

The story of this film is quite controversial as to whether it is based on fact or not.

The truth is, that is inconsequential because this film is able to tell a powerful story that is paced really brilliantly and finds a way to stay interesting and fascinating from start to finish and it doesn;t matter whether this really happened or not.

Bottom Line – Amazing film that finds a way to tell this very disturbing story in such a way that it stays poignant throughout the entire run time. The cast is superb and helps put all of the pieces of this complex plot together really well. Hoffman, Pitt, Patrick, De Niro, Bacon, Crudup, Eldard, Renfro, Kirby and Driver are all excellent in their roles here.  The story is extremely powerful in the way that it presents the events to us and the correlations that the film makes between the two time periods presented. They are able to draw the viewer in during the first half to a point where we get to understand the reasons behind the second half and it makes that half of the film much more poignant.  The controversy about whether this story is based on truth or not is inconsequential since this film is able to give us a very powerful story that is paced really well and is able to stay interesting and thrilling throughout and it works perfectly whether it is based on truth or whether it’s pure fiction.  Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Author Lorenzo Carcaterra has claimed that his book, on which the film is based, is a true story of his childhood. When the New York legal community went on record stating that no cases resembling the events of his book could be found in any court records, Carcaterra refused to discuss it. Carcaterra’s school attendance records show he couldn’t have been in prison for as long as he said, and he couldn’t have been in prison at the dates given for certain events in the book. David Stout, a New York Times reporter who did a story on the controversy, said in an interview that he could find nothing in the newspaper’s extensive library, or anywhere else, that resembled the case. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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