Freedom Fighters – The Ray (2018)

“If having superpowers doesn’t build your confidence, nothing will.” – John Trujillo

Number of Times Seen – 1 (14 Aug 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A civil servant is visited by his self from a parallel universe who is a superhero trying to save his world from the Nazi’s who won World War II.

My Take on it – As a fan of superhero movies, I do all I can to try and find new characters and directions of the genre.

I saw that my friend Bubbawheat watched and reviewed this film and the premise intrigued me, so I decided to check out what it was all about.

They do a nice job throwing us right into the fire from the start and we get to see an alternate universe where the Nazis have won World War II and are trying to stop a resistance led by superheros.

This film brings a unique correlation between the way a superhero keeps his identity secret while showing it can parrallel the idea of someone “coming out of the closet in order to reveal that they are gay.

The main character seems to feel that it’s easier to reveal that he is a superhero than reveal his sexual preference is other men and this adds an interesting dynamic to the whole story.

The plot as presented here is an intriguing one, yet I would have hoped that they would have expanded more on the history of Earth X and how it became a Nazi world instead of just dealing with it superficially in a way.

They do a nice job with the action scenes and I liked how they establish quite firmly that this is part of the ArrowVerse leaving open the possibility of more collaborations between the new superheros introduced here and the ones in the ArrowVerse

Bottom Line – Nice alternate universe superhero film that brings new characters to the forefront. Loved the way that this film bring a parallel between a secret identity for a superhero while it’s correlated with keeping a secret from family regarding one’s sexual preference.  In some ways it seems as if it’s easier fro the character to reveal that he is a superhero than that he is gay and this adds a nice dynamic to it all.   The plot is an interesting one, but it would have been nicer if Earth X had been developed even more in order for us to get a clearer and deeper picture of its history instead of just using the term “Nazis” as a way to describe things. The action scenes are done well and I liked how they establish that this story takes place in the ArrowVerse, so it’s possible that these characters might show up again in the future. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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2 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters – The Ray (2018)

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