The Chase (1994)

“There’s no rule that says that when you’re kidnapping, you can’t be cordial and nice.” – Jack

Number of Times Seen – Twice (Video in the 90’s and 26 Aug 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A convict takes a young woman hostage as he tries to elude police and get across the border to safety.

My Take on it – This is a film that I saw years ago and couldn’t recall much of what happens so I decided to give it another watch just to refresh my memory.

This was a horrendous film with a really silly plot.

The movie is filled with so many plot holes that it’s amazing that it was ever made.

The story makes so little sense and the sheer incompetence of all of the characters on both side sof the law is exaggerated and comes across as being even more silly than it probably should.

The plot is super thin and even with such a short run time, this film feels like it goes on for much too long.

The story gets way out of control along the way and loses more and more of its plausibility as the story progresses.

Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson are terrible choices for the characters in this film and their lack of chemistry together makes things even more painful to watch.

The story takes their connection to very strange places that don’t work at all.

Sheen doesn’t play his character crazily enough and that hurts things a lot since one would expect him to use his very excessive persona to make things more fun, but he seems to be holding back too much which takes so much away from making this story enjoyable at all.

Bottom Line – Terrible movie that makes so little sense. The way that the plot gets out of control is done in such a chaotic fashion causes it to lose more of more of its plausibility as the story progresses,  All of the characters on both sides of the law are completely incompetent and cause the super thin plot to drag on forever. Sheen and Swanson have horrendous chemistry together and the story takes things into some really stupendous places along the way.  Sheen is miscast in this film since his character isn’t crazy enough for his personality and he fails to play things out like we would expect from someone like him.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase happened on June 17, 1994; a mere 3 months after the release date of The Chase. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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