Movie Reviews 101 ABC Film Challenge – Drone (2017)

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“I need a good opening. Once I get that, then the rest will follow. ” – Neil Wistin

Number of Times Seen – 1 (3 Sep 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A CIA operative in charge of manning drones across the Globe tries to handle the pressure of his work while attempting to keep his family together.

My Take on it – This is a film that I heard about a few years ago and never really got around to seeing what it was about despite being a fan of Sean Bean’s work over the years.

The concept and premise of this film is actually a clever one that if in the right hands could have been so much more impactful and thrilling, but the way they present things here just doesn’t work well at all.

Bean himself has always been a very solid actor but his performance here is quite mediocre and any attempt by him to make his character or the situation he finds himself in to be realistic fails to deliver.

The movie has much too many plot holes within the story which detract so much from being able to enjoy what they give us.

This is especially true when the story goes off on pointless tangents that don’t add to the story at hand at all.

Loved seeing Mary McCormack and Joel David Moore in supporting roles,yet neither is utilized nearly enough here and they both come across as being caricatures which is quite a shame.

For a thriller, this film is lacking heavily on the thrilling or suspenseful moments that would make it fit even better into the genre…


Bottom Line – Very interesting concept that unfortunately isn’t presented very well at all. Bean is a solid actor, but he fails to make his character or the situation that he finds himself in seem realistic enough. The story is filled with way too many plot holes that detract from the enjoyment of this idea because it goes off on numerous tangents that aren’t really connected to anything worthwhile. Loved seeing Moore and McCormick in supporting roles, but neither of their characters are developed beyond a superficial level which is a shame.  Isn’t nearly as thrilling as a film in the thriller genre should be.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Wistin is getting clearance to fire the second missile after the first fails to kill the target, he acknowledges a transmission by saying “10-4” This is a code used on Citizen’s Band and public safety radios. It would not be used by the CIA or whatever intelligence agency Wistin works for. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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