Did They Get it Right? – Best Actress – Oscars 2001

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball)
Judi Dench (Iris)
Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge!)
Sissy Spacek (In the Bedroom)
Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

Biggest Snub:

Audrey Tautou – Amelie

My Overall Thoughts:

This is a year with 2 great nominees and 3 ok nominees. There was no real front runner during the award season which left things wide open for a surprise.

My Rankings:


5. Nicole Kidman
4. Renée Zellweger
3. Halle Berry
2. Sissy Spacek
1. Judi Dench


5. Moulin Rouge!Interesting movie, plot isn’t too original, but LOVED the idea of adding modern music to a movie set in the late 19th Century. Too bad it doesn’t help the weak plot.
4. Monster’s BallPretty overrated film that isn’t as good as many people claim. Thornton and Berry are both pretty good actors, but it’s hard to believe the chemistry between them despite the fact that both of their characters have experienced tragedy. The pacing of the film is overly slow and it takes quite a while for things to actually move along. I can sort of understand how Berry could be nominated for and win an Oscar for her work here because she plays her character in a very intense fashion even if it’s a bit too much. The supporting cast is great but even Ledger and Boyle are underused here.
3. Bridget Jones’s DiaryInteresting idea that probably worked much better as a book than as a movie. The cast is great, but the characters and overall story are lacking quite a bit to help keep things enjoyable. The dialogue is done well, but the film seems to be going through very common and familiar territory the whole time. Soundtrack is great to listen to and helps keep things a bit more entertaining despite the fact that some scenes really drag on.
2. IrisGreat biopic that shows us who these people really were warts and all. All 4 lead actors are great. It’s the kind of movie that makes you wish it were longer because the characters (young and old) are all so good. Broadbent truly deserved his Oscar for this role.
1. In the BedroomInteresting study in the human psyche and how it is affected by tragedy. Is a bit slow at certain points, but still worth waiting it out.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Not at all!  Still baffled how HB won especially when she had some competition that gave much more powerful performances.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

Let me Know what you think!!

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