Years and Years (2019)

“And that doesn’t change the fact that it’s all your fault. The banks. the government. The recession. America. Mrs. Rook. Every single thing that has gone wrong, it’s your fault. Because we are. Every single one of us. We can sit here all day blaming other people. We blame the economy. We blame Europe. The opposition. The Weather. And then we blame these vast sweeping tides of history, you know, like they’re out of control, like we’re so helpless and little and small… but it’s still our fault. You know why? It’s that 1 pound t-shirt. A t-shirt that costs 1 pound. We can’t resist it. Every single one of us. We see a t-shirt that costs 1 pound and we think, “Ooh that’s a bargain, I’ll have that.” and we buy it. Not for best heaven forfend, but nice little t-shirt for the winter to go underneath, that’ll do. And the shop keeper gets five miserable pence for that T-shirt and some little peasant in a field gets paid 0.01 pence.. and we think that’s fine. All of us. And we hand over our quid and we buy into that system for life. I saw it all going wrong when it began in the supermarkets, when they replaced all the women on the till with those automated checkouts. Yes. But You didn’t do anything. did you? 20 years ago when they first popped up, did you walk out? Did you write letters of complaint? Did you shop elsewhere? No! You huffed and you puffed and you put up with it. And now all of those women are gone and we let it happen. And I think we do like them. Those checkout. We want them. Because it means that we can stroll through, pick up our shopping, and we don;t have to look that women in the eye. The women who’s paid less than us. She’s gone. We got rid of her. Sacked. Well done. So yes, it’s our fault. This is the world we built. Congratulations! Cheers all!” –  Muriel Deacon

Number of Times Seen – 1 (31 Oct 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A look at a family and how their bonds are both strengthened and weakened by the changes n the world over more than a decade.

My Take on it – This is a superb miniseries that I’ve been toying with watching for the past few months ever since Howard from Rantings and Ravings suggested it on a LAMB podcast.

The premise sounded quite intriguing and it sounded like something that I would enjoy.

I am so glad that I got around to seeing this because I truly loved it and it is now my favorite film from 2019 (so far).

They do an amazing job showing how events that transpire in the world can affect a small family and the way that they communicate and interact with one another based on these events over the period of more than a decade.

They do a spectacular job developing these characters in a way that they all seem so realistic and genuine in everything that they say and do along the way.

Each of them evolves in a very different way during the course of time based solely on the different changes in the world related to the economy, technology and government policies.

Some of these changes are minor while other are quite profound and help to lead them along very poignant paths in life.

The conversations that these characters have with one another feel so real and this helps us get a very realistic idea of their various stances on all of these issues that keep turning up.

The characters sometimes debate part of these issues while at other times they all seem to agree on things.

The passage of time is shown in two very distinct ways.

In order for the viewer to get a clear idea of many of the world changes, this film every so often gives us a montage of news clipping that update us on British and world events which allows us to try and guess how things will affect these characters even though it is almost impossible to do so since this story is quite unpredictable throughout.

For the personal changes over time, they allow the characters to give each other small updates on the events of their lives over the recent past.

By doing it this way, it lets us feel in most cases as if we are being updated as part of the family and not as a viewer of these events.

The choice to tell this story in chronological order is the right one especially since it strongly contrasts the way that many similarly themed story lines usually deal with flashback.

This gives us the feeling as if we are experiencing these events along with the characters instead of learning about them years after they have happened which in turn makes things feel even more realistic and relevant to the changing world we live in.

Bottom Line – Amazing miniseries that is able to show how events around the world could affect a family and the way that they interact with one another over the course of more than a decade. The characters are developed really well and we get to see how each of the evolves over the course of time based solely on how the changes in the economy, technology and government policies affect them so profoundly. The conversations between the characters feel so real and allow for us to get a real sense of their stances on various issues that keep popping up over the course of time. The film does a great job showing the passage of time in two different kinds of ways. For world events, they show a montage of various news clips giving the viewer an update on the changes in the world which says so much about how the characters will possibly all be affected by these events.  For the more personal changes , they take their time allowing us to take it all in with small updates from the characters as to events in their lives over the recent past which also works really well.  Telling this kind of story in chronological order works really well since it contrasts similarly themed story lines that generally deal with flashbacks but here it makes it feel more relevant and realistic throughout.  Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Many ideas used in the show can bee seen in Russell T. Davies’s work on Doctor Who (2005), particularly the episodes Doctor Who: Turn Left (2008) and Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums (2007) . The most notable similarity is the reuse of the name Vivienne Rook. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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