Santa Baby (2006)

“Dad. I’d tell you what to do with this stocking, but I don’t want to end up on the naughty list. Wait. I’m in charge of the naughty list. Here’s your stocking. Stuff it. ” – Mary Class

Number of Times Seen – 1 (3 Nov 2019)

Brief Synopsis – After Santa gets sick, his successful businesswoman daughter must return to the North Pole in order to deliver Christmas on time.

My Take on it – This is a film that I had never heard of before coming across it and was intrigued by the fact that it apparently was a very big family movie hit when it debuted on TV in the mid 2000’s.

McCarthy does a nice job with this character but given the fact that this is a very simple film with a very simple premise and story, it comes across as feeling a bit too generic for its own good.

Things are kept quite light and they manage to hit upon many of the normal aspects of films in this genre.

They deal with the various soft spots of the holiday season while also bringing up the naughty vs nice theme more often than not.

Liked the way that they managed to compare the fast paced business world with the ideas of the everything that goes on at the North Pole which helps Santa and his helpers do all that they are required to do at a lightening speed pace.

The film’s villain is an archetypal caricature and stereotype that has appeared in many films with similar themes and that hurts things a bit since it opens up the premise to fall into predictable patterns and pitfalls along the way.

Bottom Line – Simple film with a simple story that works for what it tries to do yet feels a bit too generic.  This was a made for TV movie, so things are kept very light throughout while still hitting the various soft spots dealing with the holiday season and the naughty vs. nice aspects usually dealt with in these kind of films. The movie also does a nice job comparing the fast paced business world with the light-speed way that Santa and his helpers must work in order to get everything done in time.  The villain is a stereotypical businessman and things come across as being much too predictable in this film and that hurts things a bit. McCarthy does a nice ob with the role despite its simplicity.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Santa Baby (2006) was a ratings hit for ABC FAMILY, pulling in over 4.7 million viewers during its initial airing, making it, at the time, the most watched original movie developed for the channel. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (6/10)


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