The Lamb’s December 2019 MOTM (Holiday edition) – My Rankings

As a frequent and steady contributor to The Large Ass Movie Blog, (The LAMB), I always try to get more people involved with the site.

Every Month, the site runs a poll based on the list of films submitted by LAMB members for the prestigious ability of being named as the Movie of the Month that will be discussed on the LAMBCAST podcast during that given month.

I decided that each month I will watch each of the films chosen and give my rankings of those films in order to decide which film I should vote for and in doing so, maybe help some of you also decide which film to vote for.

The voting is open until Sunday the 24th of November, so make sure to get your vote in soon.

This month, there were 10 Contenders suggested so here they are:


Here are my rankings along with brief thoughts on each film (click on the film title if you want to read my full review)

10. Jack Frost (1997) – Terrible film that makes no sense what so ever. The plot is taken to an extreme and comes across as being funny instead of scary. I can completely understand how this film has become a cult hit over the years, but it really has noting going for it besides the fact that it comes across as funny instead of suspenseful. The special effects are terrible and don’t work at all. The plot is quite erratic the whole way through and doesn’t let up at all which also doesn’t help make this film any more watchable. (3/10)

9. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) – Another terrible horror film that actually has so much more potential than is realized because it brings forth certain psychological themes that actually would be more interesting to research more in depth. The plot moves along in a very strange way and fails to make things entertaining in any way. The story isn’t very scary which is problematic since this is classified as a horror movie. The movie starts off in an interesting fashion, yet hits a point not long afterwards where it feels as if it derails everything and takes so much away from the potential that this film has because much of what happens remains unexplained and somewhat random for the rest of the film. (3/10)

8. Pottersville (2017) – Really strange film that just doesn’t work at all. Shannon is still good here, but the story gets too weird too often and isn’t enjoyable at all. The storyline gets too out of hand and loses so much of its believability as things get crazier and crazier as it moves along. McShane and Perlman are also good here but no one really stands out amongst the entire cast. (4/10)

7. Santa Baby (2006) – Simple film with a simple story that works for what it tries to do yet feels a bit too generic. This was a made for TV movie, so things are kept very light throughout while still hitting the various soft spots dealing with the holiday season and the naughty vs. nice aspects usually dealt with in these kind of films. The movie also does a nice job comparing the fast paced business world with the light-speed way that Santa and his helpers must work in order to get everything done in time. The villain is a stereotypical businessman and things come across as being much too predictable in this film and that hurts things a bit. McCarthy does a nice ob with the role despite its simplicity. (6/10)

6. Jack Frost (1998) – Interesting idea that would have worked better if it wasn’t so creepy to watch. The overall idea works and the great cast also helps, but the interactions between the special effects snowman and the other characters isn’t realistic enough. Keaton does a fine job with the lead but makes it slightly difficult to believe his character. The film attempts to do some great things with this premise yet fails in presenting it in a more enjoyable way. (5/10)

5. In Bruges (2008) – Does a great job trying to show that hit men are real people when they are not “on a job” and how they deal with what they have done. Farrell and Gleeson have amazing chemistry together and it’s quite believable that they have worked together for years. The hi-jinx that they cause during their “vacation” is fun to watch despite the fact that things keep getting out of control. In some ways this feels like they are trying too hard to create a new Tarantino film using Irish characters instead of the American ones we all know and love. (7/10)

4. Home Alone (1990) – As enjoyable as this was, I think Hughes was much better at creating teenage characters as opposed to younger ones and I’m quite glad he didn’t make too many from a kids perspective. (7/10)

3. The Ref (1994) – Such a fun film because the dialogue is written so well. The story itself is a bit bland, but when these characters begin to debate and talk about various issues, it becomes so captivating to watch. Spacey, Davis and Leary are all superb in this film and make the viewer debate over which characters they prefer over others because they all come across brilliantly. The movie is quite frank in the way that they discuss relationships and the importance of family during the holidays and that makes parts of this story feel even more poignant than they probably even intended. Great seeing a very young Simmons in a small yet significant role. Barry stands out among the whole cast as the local town sheriff. (8/10)

2. A Christmas Story (1983) – Nostalgic look at the way kids see the holiday season which is presented really well. The cast are all perfectly chosen and they each get the various quirks of their characters really well. Billingsley is a great choice in the lead role because he has the kind of attitude and personality that makes his character so relatable to almost everyone. The narration also works well to help create a nostalgic atmosphere for the story because despite the story taking place in the 1940’s, the premise and issues discussed are quite timeless. (8/10)

1. Scrooged (1988) – The best adaptation of a Christmas Carol IMHO. Murray is amazing as a modern day Scrooge. Great closing song. (9/10)


So who should I vote for? – When thinking of Christmas movies, one automatically thinks of Dickens and the adaptation of Scrooged is in my opinion one of the best modern adaptations of a classic work. Murray is superb in the title role and shines throughout, so despite having some other fine choices on this list, my vote goes for Scrooged!

To vote, click here


Good luck to one and all!!!

Let me Know what you think!!

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