Smash-Up: The Story of A Woman (1947)

“I just remembered, I have an appointment with a headache. ” – Martha Gray, Elliott’s Secretary

Number of Times Seen – 1 (2 Dec 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A singer’s life is turned upside down when her husband becomes more popular and she is no longer in the spotlight.

My Take on it – This is a film that has a really interesting concept that works really well.

Unfortunately, the story feels a bit to rushed and isn’t as effective as it possibly could be.

Susan Hayward is great in the lead role and is able to show how fame and fortune can affect someone once they start to lose it especially when they feel eclipsed by their spouse.

This movie does a nice job showing the effects of alcoholism on a person’s life and the way that paranoia and suspicions add to situations that are already strained and tense.

Hayward was deservingly nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in this role.

The plot of this film goes to certain places that are quite dark and disturbing that allows the viewer to see the various dangers and pitfalls of these kind of situations and helps enhance the story.

In addition to Hayward, the supporting cast is also great and help get the viewer to the mood for this kind of story.

Loved seeing Eddie Albert in this film in a small role.

Bottom Line – Interesting concept that works even if it feels a bit too rushed. Hayward is great in the lead role and shows how someone’s life can be changed when they lose the attention they feel they should have. The film shows the effects of alcoholism on a persons life and how it adds paranoia and suspicion to situations that are already strained. Hayward was nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars for her work here. The story goes to some very dark and disturbing places that help show the dangers and pitfall of such situations and works quite well.  Great supporting cast and loved seeing Albert in a small role.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Reportedly suggested by the life and career of Bing Crosby and songstress wife Dixie Lee; when his popularity as an entertainer eclipsed that of Lee, she drifted into extreme alcoholism, just as Susan Hayward’s character does in film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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