The Report (2019)

“If it works, why do you need to do it 183 times?” – Senator Dianne Feinstein

Number of Times Seen – 1 (2 Dec 2019)

Brief Synopsis – Based on the true story of a Senate staffer who was tasked with creating a report for his boss and ended up uncovering deep and dark secrets about the way that the government handled the issue of terrorist prisoners after 9/11.

My Take on it – As a fan of films dealing with political intrigue in the United States Government system, I have been interested in checking this movie out for quite some time and I’m glad that I finally got the opportunity to do so.

The story is quite gripping from start to finish and it has much to do with the fact that the story is so relevant and enjoyable.

They tell the story in a way that allows the viewer to get a clear idea as to the chaotic nature of the government system.

This is especially true when certain parts of the government want oversight and the ability to police other aspects of the government that are doing things in different ways.

Adam Driver is superb in the lead here and makes us care so much about his character and his quest to find the truth no matter the cost.

This is a movie that gives us an insiders look at the way the system works (and doesn’t work) especially in cases where certain factions deny that the way that they carry out their work might be flawed even hen proven otherwise.

Annette Bening is also great as Driver’s boss, Senator Dianne Feinstein who must toe the political line while striving to make a difference in the way that things are done in the political realm.

Bottom Line – Amazing story that stays gripping from start to finish. The story is told is such a way that things work so well in describing the various problems that the government has to deal with when they try to police themselves. Driver is superb in this film and is able to make us sympathize with everything that he has to deal with along the way towards finding the truth. The movie gives us an insider look at the way that the system works (and doesn’t work) especially when excuses are used to try and continue doing things in a certain way despite suspicion that things aren’t perfect.  Bening is also great as Driver’s boss who must toe the political line in order to make a difference along the way.  Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The film premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and received a standing ovation for the real Daniel J. Jones, who was present at the showing. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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12 thoughts on “The Report (2019)

  1. Has yet to be released here in the States – but I was able to watch it on a screener (DVD). gripping as you said. Might have been diminished a tad for me since i watched it later on the same day as I had watched “Just mercy” which I thought was even better. Driver is a terrific actor (I had the pleasure of seeing him earlier this year on Broadway) – and I hear he’s even better in Marriage Story. My son, an actor, has seen that and told me, IHO, both Driver and Johansson will WIN the Oscars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tnx Mike.
      Ive heard that they are both superb in MS and I can’t wait to see it. I promised my wife that I’d watch it with her, so I’m just waiting for her to have some free time to watch it with me. Hope to see it later this week. And I REALLY hope that ur sin is right base don what I’ve heard about the movie and its stars. Ive heard that The Irishman is still the front runner for BP and Many other awards, but as much as I liked it, it wasn’t unique enough for me to be deemed better than the rest of the crop. As for JM, never heard of it, but it sounds interesting based on what I read on IMDB, I’ll keep an eye out for it.


      • I’m watching Marriage Story later tonight. Agree with you on The Irishman. Very impressive. All the players in top form – that being said – has a bit of a “been there, seen that” feel coming from Scorsese and his estimable cast. And I had the pleasure of seeing it on a movie screen during its brief run pre-Netflix. It would be up there for me – but at the moment – the most impressive film I’ve seen – in terms of my personal front-runner status for the Oscars – is “1917”.

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          • Here on the 23rd or Christmas Day – can’t remember. My son took me to a screening in NYC with a Q&A afterwards with Deakins, Mendes, the 2 leads, the co-writer and Sam’s producing partner. The movie’s a knockout. Pencil in Deakins to win his 2nd Oscar for cinematography. No one’s beating him this year.


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