Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (2007)

“Star Wars came out and we went to school the next day unable to explain to our friends how everything was different now. ” – Stephen Colbert

Number of Times Seen – 1 (23 Dec 2019)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary that shows the various myths and historical connections in the story and structure of the Star Wars movies.

My Take on it – As a HUGE Star Wars fan, I love to consume as much knowledge and information as I can about the franchise and it always amazes me that despite the vast knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the decades, there is still so much more out there that I wasn’t aware of.

This is a film that I came across by accident and decided to see what it was about solely based on the premise.

This is such a fascinating film and it manages to take the time to discuss the various themes, characters, vehicles and even the story line while trying to find connections in history and literary myths and fantasy stories that help make this even more realistic to watch unfold.

The way that this story is structured allows it to interweave so many different aspects of story telling and try and make things more clearer as to the way it all comes together but more importantly, where the ideas possibly came from.

Having listened to a recent podcast on The LAMB that featured a Star Wars Draft (check it out HERE), I felt that watching this film was the perfect companion piece because the themes in this film and on the podcast crossed paths so many times along the way and it constantly seemed as if it was fate that I watched this one day after listening to the podcast.

This is actually all done in a very intriguing way since they aren’t actually seeking to find the true and definitive answer to things but would rather explore this in a direction that allows the viewer to choose what to believe and what not to.

They don’t make contact in this film with series creator George Lucas or anyone else associated with the films, yet the fact that there are so many fans of the franchise in so many facets of society helps make this film even more enjoyable.

This gamut of interviewees from so many different walks of life and society helps make this film even more interesting to watch because it permeates in our lives so much.

This movies does a great job of bending together all of these interviews and sometimes has discussions with celebrities, politicians or even academic scholars one after another which helps us see the various connections that this film has to so many diverse subjects and themes.

Despite the fact that I am a HUGE fan of this series and know more than any normal person should probably know about it, this film was able to add to that vast amount of knowledge in a way that it makes me yearn for even more information and knowledge on the subject.

This film is only 90 minutes and feels much too short for such a comprehensive subject.

Bottom Line – Fascinating film that allows us to see how the story presented in this film series is connected and interwoven into many historical and mythical tales that helps make things feel even more realistic in how it is presented. The film never tries to get real answers from Lucas or anyone else connected to the films directly yet the various fans and celebrities interviewed are from so many different walks of life that it helps make things come across even more genuine in the way that these connections all unfold.  The film does a great job of blending the various interviews so that it’s possible to see discussions with TV personalities, politicians and even academic scholars telling their tales one after another. Even as a HUGE Star Wars fan, this film was able to add so much more knowledge to what I already have about the subject and still make me yearn for even more. 90 minutes is much too short for such a film. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The documentary was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Non-fiction Special, Outstanding Writing (Non-fiction), and Outstanding Directing (Non-fiction) (From Wikipedia)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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