Oscar Optimization 2020 (#3 of 9) 1917 (2019) – Encore Review

Since it’s been nearly a while since I watched most of the Oscar Best Picture Nominated movies, I decided to rewatch all 9 of them and reevaluate my thoughts on these films.  I am rewatching them in no particular order.  Here are my Optimized thoughts on 1917 (2019) :

“I hoped today would be a good day. Hope is a dangerous thing.” – Colonel MacKenzie

Number of Times Seen – 2 (2 Jan 2020 and 2 Feb 2020)

Link to original reviewHere

Brief Synopsis – During the peak of World War I, two British soldiers are sent on a mission across enemy lines to try and call off an attack that will be a massacre for the Allied troops.

My Take on it – This is a film that literally blew me away the first time I saw it last month.

It made such an impact that I decided that this is the kind of film that needs to be seen more than once in the theater and since I knew that if I didn’t see it now, I would probably never have that opportunity again, I decided to splurge and even watch it in IMAX.

This was actually the first “real” film that I’ve seen in IMAX and that screen allows for the film to be enhanced even more sue to the amount of detail that it gives us to take in as the story keeps us glued to the screen.

The story is told in a spectacular way and is able to pay so much attention to the details of everything that is going on around these characters.

This allows the viewer to experience the story as if they are also on this dangerous journey with these characters.

The film is quite gruesome in its depiction of war but at the same time is able to show the horrors of the immediate after-effects of battle because of the realistic looking bodies that are strewn around throughout the journey that these characters take.

There are some people who have complained that the choice to film this movie in a way that it seems and feels like it is all in real time and in one shot is just a gimmick.

Personally, I don’t agree that this is just a gimmick yet regardless of who is right, this choice adds so much to the way one experiences this film and its story because it is quite wondrous to watch it all unfold.

They do an excellent job developing these two main characters and I really loved the way that the supporting characters are all on screen for just short spurts of time since we get to see them accomplish their little part and then allow the journey of these two main characters to continue on its way.

As of now, this film is the high favorite for Best Picture and Best Director at the Oscars next week (along with some of the technical awards), but as we all know, anything can happen on the path to receiving that Golden statue.

Despite its very global approach to things, it’s easy to see that this movie is being told from a very personal place and that helps add so much to the way one perceives the story along the way.

This film has been ale to add so much to the recent discussion and debate about theatrical films vs Netflix style films and it’s great to see movies that advocate both sides of this heated debate.

This is a film that is much better watching on the big screen than it probably ever could be on the small screen.

If it manages to win next week, it will add to the ammunition of the side that claims that films are meant to be experienced in the theater and not just on a small TV screen.

Can’t wait to see this again..

Bottom Line – Amazing film that is enhanced even more on an IMAX screen.  The story pays so much attention to details and allows the viewer to get the feeling as if they are right there on this journey with these characters. The idea to have this film seem and look as if it is done in one shot and in real time has been blasted by some as just a gimmick, but even if that is true, they are still able to create something wondrous to experience. The characters are developed really well and I love the way that they meet minor characters along the way and we get to know what is needed about them but then the story moves along on its own path. This is the film to currently beat at the Oscars next week and it seems as if it is the front runner for both Best Director and Best Picture, (along with a few of the technical categories) but we will have to wait to see if that actually happens. The story is told from a very personal place which helps enhance the way one perceives everything going on.  Love how the film adds so much to the table for the discussion about the importance of films being seen in the theater as opposed to on the small screen. If it wins big next week, those on that side of the debate will have even more ammunition to try and prove that they are right. Highly Highly Recommended!

Oscar Best Picture Worthy? – Most Definitely! This is a superbly made film that works so well by bringing together so many of the film making elements nearly perfectly.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Over 5,200 feet of trenches were dug for the film (just under one mile). (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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