2019 Oscar Ballot + Oscar Podcast

Tonight is the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, so as always here is my ballot. Hopefully I’ll do better this year than last.

In addition, I had the pleasure of participating and co-hosting a podcast related to the Oscar predictions:


Check out my discussion at the LAMB here  Thanks to Richard, Le Anne, Shane and Doug.


Can’t wait for tonight’s show…. hopefully it will have some surprises just like last year (well, not exactly) 🙂


Have fun one and all!

8 thoughts on “2019 Oscar Ballot + Oscar Podcast

  1. Our ballots are identical – except I split Sound Mixing and Sound Editing between 1917 and Ford v. Ferrari just for the hell of it. they’ll probably be the same – because but the sound branch have no idea what the difference is so vote for the same movie twice – which is why next year – the Academy will probably combine the 2 into 1 award.

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      • I do it with 2 cousins for yuks and at a local movie theater to win free tickets. The doc ad animated shorts are a complete crapshoot – haven’t seen any. Few other categories I’m not totally locked in on. But feel like I could get 20 of 24.

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        • last year, i made some bold picks, so this year I decided to hope for no big surprises in the acting categories. Regarding sound categories i read an article that suggested hedging bets and voting for the same film for both (1917 or FvF) in order to raise chances of getting at least one. I hope for ur sake the split doesn’t go the other way.

          My biggest concern is that parasite might sneak in for BP due to the preferential ballot system. I liked it a lot, but a BP win or it wont sit well for me just like what happened 21 yrs ago with SPR and SiL.

          ON the other hand, I’m glad it’s not a shoe-in year and that there are some very competitive categories (besides the acting ones and BIF).


          • I always vote the same in sound because the members seem to do that. So I figure worst case scenario- if the vote the same movie in both categories – I have to be right at least once. Also – watch for a possible upset in Animated Feature. For PARASITE- as long as there’s a separate category for Foreign Film – I sincerely doubt the same movie will win twice.

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  2. I agree for the most part, though I’m rooting for Klaus for Best Animated Feature. It depends if the voters go for familiarity or hype from other awards shows. I’d also give Adapted Screenplay to Little Women. And I wish Avengers: Endgame would win its single nomination in Visual Effects, but you’re probably right with 1917.

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