Nymphomaniac: Vol II (2013)

“We elevate those who say right but mean wrong, and mock those who say wrong but mean right.” – Joe

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Feb 2020)

Brief Synopsis – Continuation of the life story of a young Nymphomaniac who tries to explain how and why she is what she is.

My Take on it – After watching the first part of this story – Nymphomaniac: Volume I (2013), I had hoped that the sequel would help make sense of the story from the first movie and find a way to make things more interesting.

Boy, was I wrong.

This film was even worse than the first one (which I didn’t think was even possible).

This part of the story goes into some very strange and dark territory as it tries to shock the audience and successfully does so, but still fails to find a way to redeem itself and create a story that makes sense.

Just like in the previous film, this one has a stellar cast, but none are giving substantial enough parts that we canb care about what will happen to them or for that matter, what they do.

The film also has the added shock value of having an abortion scene that is so disturbing and repulsive to watch that it will make anyone cringe just by viewing it.

This is a scene that probably had no need to be so graphic and fails to add anything to the way this film can be perceived.

This movie (and the first one) try to find a way to try and explain to us how a person can find a disconnect in life between sex and love yet never does a convincing job of things.

This is completely absurd from start to finish and that is even more true when watching these films one after the other.

Bottom Line – Atrocious sequel that is even worse than the previous film (if that is even possible).  The story goes into some very strange and dark places and never manages to find a way to redeem itself. Once again, the cast is great but completely wasted here. The abortion scene is the most disturbing one that will make anyone cringe.  It didn’t need to be there and along with the rest of the film makes no sense what so ever. The attempt of this movie to try and explain why certain people may have problems finding a way to connect sex and love is not shown in a plausible manner and things are completely absurd from start to finish, even when watching both films back to back.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Charlotte Gainsbourg stated in an interview with the Washington Post that Lars von Trier personally asked her to record a version of the song “Hey Joe” for the end credits after he was unable to secure the rights to Jimi Hendrix’s version, something she immediately accepted. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (1/10)


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