Hiding Out (1987)

“You left the outside world; you’ve got to orient your thinking. You’ve got think repression, think limits. Think humiliation and despair. You’re in high school for Christ sakes! ” – Patrick Morenski

Number of Times Seen – At least 3 times (Cable in the 80’s, 3 May 2006 and 19 Feb 2020)

Brief Synopsis – An accountant must pretend to be a high school student in order to avoid mobsters who want to kill him before he can testify in court against them.

My Take on it – This is a movie that I recall seeing as a kid on cable a few times and enjoyed a lot.

The plot itself is done well and it comes across as being quite fun.

Te premise is based on something that has been done numerous times beforehand, but the high school twist helps make it even more fun to watch.

Jon Cryer does a great job in the lead role and makes both of his roles quite believable.

His baby face persona allows the viewer to believe him as a hot shot young accountant and as a high school kid.

The film takes the action scene a bit too far and they come across as being quite cheesy the whole way through yet it still fits in with the kind of atmosphere that they created during the 80’s which helps make this work.

The film does manage to add in themes that deal with social norms and causes.

They also allow us to see how people deal with rampant problems in the school system that hasn’t changed much in the 33 years since this movie came out.

What I really liked about this film was the way that they presented many of these themes in very subtle ways instead of screaming them out along the journey which is something that works well here.

Bottom Line – Fun film that works really well if you ignore the various plot holes. Cryer is great in this role because his baby face helps him fit the roles of both a young accountant and a punker high schooler. The action is a bit too cheesy but that fits in with the way things were done back in the 80’s.  As a film with a social cause, they seem to deal with the various problems within the high school system, but they are mostly done in subtle ways instead of blatantly outright which helps things a bit. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The character played by Annabeth Gish, Ryan, writes a paper which criticizes the presidency of Richard Nixon. Less than a decade later in Nixon (1995), Gish played Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of Richard Nixon, who, as it turns out, offers to publicly defend her father from the very things described in Ryan’s paper. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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