MovieRob Corona Update – 18 Mar 2020

As just about every facet of our lives has been affected by this new world wide epidemic, we are must find a way to do what we can in order to wait out these very difficult times.

I live in Israel and the new restrictions here have basically closed all businesses (forced vacation for all), schools closed and any gatherings of 10 or more people has been banned.

Movie theaters, restaurants, parks and even religious services have all been suspended until further notice.

The recommendation of the government and the health department s for ever family to stay in their own home, only leaving for essential needs like food or medical assistance.

This s not simple at all especially when we must try and deal with our own fears for loved ones while finding a way to entertain ourselves and our kids in a way where we can have some kind of consistence on our lives.

I have therefore decided that in this current environment, I need to make some (temporary) changes to my website and my movie review production rate.

For the past two and a half years, I have watched and reviewed 100 films a month but I don’t see that as a possibility due to the new way we must all live our lives while trying to beat the Corona Virus before it kills too many of us in the wake of its devastation.

My current plan is to write reviews for the movies that I watch as always but I will be changing gears and won’t come close to the 100 movie mark this month (or probably next).

I have some ideas for entertaining posts to supplement the lower paced review output and hope to make sure to have at least one post a day until life returns to normal when this is all over. (hopefully by the end of April)

In addition, I have decided to extend this month’s genre grandeur theme of LGBTQ+ Movies chosen by Getter of Mettel Ray until the end of Apr in order to give you guys more time to submit reviews and also to lessen the additional pressures on all of my followers who like to participate.

Let’s hope that things will be much clearer by the end of next month and then I’ll switch back into my usual movie watching and reviewing mode.

May you all continue to have good health and stay safe during these uncertain times!



2 thoughts on “MovieRob Corona Update – 18 Mar 2020

  1. The situation in the U.S. is much as you describe, at least in my state. Don’t worry about the “slower” review schedule; it’ll give the rest of us time to catch up. 😉 I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy as well, Rob!


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