The Vincent Price Blogathon – The Eve of St. Mark (1944)

This is my final of 3 reviews for the The Vincent Price Blogathon 2020 taking place this weekend  and being hosted by Gill of WeegieMidget and Barry of Cinema Catharsis

Tnx for letting me partake Guys!

“There’s no such thing as a touch of Malaria. It’s like a touch of garlic, a little bit goes a long way.” – Sgt. Kriven

Number of Times Seen – 1 (19 Apr 2020)

Brief Synopsis – A group of soldiers stationed in the Philippines must decide whether to continue manning their post or flee from the enemy due to overwhelming odds.

My Take on it – This is a film that I had never heard of before coming across it for this blogathon.

The thing that intrigued me the most was seeing how Vincent Price could play an ordinary military grunt.

The biggest problem here is that both the story and the characters aren’t developed enough for us to really care about what happens.

Most of the characters come across as mere caricatures that can only be differentiated by their very thick and overbearing accents.

The story itself moves along in a nice way yet they seem to keep things looking and feeling far too tame for a war film and the never seem to take enough chances with the characters or situations.

They do a pretty good job comparing and contrasting the way that soldiers on the front act as we get to see how the families on the home front reacted.

Both deal with the events of war in a very patriotic manner.

The standout among the cast is definitely Price since it’s so strange seeing him play a character with a very distinct and thick Southern accent.

Bottom Line – Interesting idea that is unfortunately not developed well enough. The characters all feel underdeveloped and most come across as seeing like caricatures largely due to their overbearing accents. The story moves along well yet things feel far too tame the whole way through since they never take enough chances with these characters. The film does a nice job comparing and contrasting the way soldiers on the front lines and family’s on the home front dealt with these kind of situations in a very patriotic manner. Price does stand out here largely due to his very Southern accent which helps distinguish him throughout.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The title refers to an old superstition that those sitting in church of the Eve of St. Mark’s Feast Day (April 24) will see ghostly images of all who will die during the coming year. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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6 thoughts on “The Vincent Price Blogathon – The Eve of St. Mark (1944)

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  2. I have never seen it, but I will definitely have to check it out. It would be nice to see Vincent Price in a role of the sort he usually wouldn’t play.


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