6400th review!!! – Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) – Encore Review

“Oh, I’m a perp? You see a young brother in the back of a police car, automatically I’m a perp. Look at my suit, look at my tie. What do I look like, the f*ckin’ Crip’s accountant? Look at this badge, bitch. Check out the gun.” – Lee Butters

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (In Theater, DVD, 19 Feb 2001, 30 Oct 2013 and 26 Apr 2020)

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Brief Synopsis – Murtaugh and Riggs must now deal with a group of human traffickers who are involved with the Hong Kong mob.

My Take on it – This is a great addition to the series largely due to the fact that they take the time to give credit to things that happened in the previous movies both on and off camera.

Revisiting these characters once again is lots of fun and there are parts of this story that show that the characters, actors and even the behind the scene crew had a great time making this movie and the series as a whole.

Things work so well here once again largely due to the great chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

The film is also able to give us some great themes and situations that help emphasize the idea of family and friendship and the various connections between them.

Like in the previous two films, they add a high profile actor to the cast in order to give us something fresh and new.

This time, it’s Chris Rock who joins the likes of Joe Pesci and Rene Russo in that position.

The film has some great action scenes which are choreographed really well.

Jet Li is a great antagonist because he actually does something here unlike his predecessors in the previous films who were mostly just figureheads.

This time, the characters even have someone they can fight with whee it adds to the action.

The credits scene of this film is probably one of the most poignant and unique credits that I have ever seen in a film because they show photographs of most of the men and women who worked behind the scenes on this movie and it makes me cry every time I watch this because it is so emotional.

Bottom Line – Great finale to the Lethal Weapon series that lets us see how much fun these characters, actors and crew seem to have had making the series. Once again things work so well due to the amazing chemistry between Glover and Gibson and the story is accentuated by some very blatant themes about family and friendship and the relation between them.  In addition to Pesci and Russo who were added over the past two films in the series, we get a new character played by Rock who is able to inject some freshness into the story.  The action scenes are choreographed really well and Li is great as the main bad guy because we finally get to see an antagonist who does something instead of just seeing like a figurehead.  The credits of this film are done in a very unique fashion which makes me tear up every time because it is so emotional and poignant. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – After Joe Pesci and Chris Rock were hired at the last minute to play characters of Leo Getz and Lee Butters, characters who weren’t in original script, some re-writes had to be done during filming to include both of them into the story. Pesci was hired at the last minute for one million dollars for three weeks of work, and Screenwriter Channing Gibson was three-fourths through his latest draft, by the time Chris Rock was hired. Butters was originally written to be a gay police detective, but once filming started, everyone involved realized how the decision to make him gay didn’t work, so his character was re-written again, to be the husband of Roger’s daughter Rianne. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10) (no change from original review)


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