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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – LGBTQ+ Movies, here’s a review of Love Simon (2018) by Darren of Movie Reviews 101.

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Let’s see what Darren thought of this movie:


Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon is a teenage coming-of-age story that follows Simon (Nick Robinson) who is secretly gay and hasn’t figured out how to come out to his friends and family, he is a normal teenage going through the questions about whether he is going to make it through high school, which college, until he discovers that they is another secretly gay student in the school, where the two communicate through emails. Once another student Martin (Logan Miller) discovers the emails, he blackmails Simon into helping him get closer to Abby (Alexandra Shipp) one of Simon’s best friends and when things go wrong, he releases the secret ruining Simon’s life, taking his friend away from him, needing to rebuild the friendships in his life.

Where Love, Simon shines on all new levels, is how it addresses the ideas of being gay in the modern society, it ditches the generic traits and shows us a normal everyday person that should never be treated differently, we even have a scene putting out the question about why coming out is such a big thing, saying straight people don’t make a deal of telling their family or friends about who they want to date.

The performances in this film are breath-taking with Nick Robinson giving one of the greatest teen performances ever, keeping everything calm, while having the four friends including Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp and Jorge Lendeborg Jr have excellent chemistry throughout the film. Logan Miller does make us hate his selfish character, while Tony Hale as the overly friendly vice-principal gets extra laughs.

The film also gives us a mystery to solve, as Simon is trying to figure out who the gay student Blue is, he starts trying to get to know the other guys in his school, hoping for a hint and we are left wondering just which one it will be, hoping it will be one of the nice ones, even though the school only has two bullies and one seemingly bad student in Martin.

This has become one of my truly favourite films, I have already seen this film multiple times and could easily sit and watch more in the future. I could recommend this to everybody who enjoys films because you should enjoy the whole film.

Rating 10/10



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