Sugar Hill (1993)

“This is the flavor that they savor up here, neighbor! ” – Raynathan Skuggs

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jul 2020)

Brief Synopsis – A gangster in Harlem tries to find a way out of the drug dealing life, but circumstances keep pulling him back in.

My Take on it – In my quest to watch more films starring Wesley Snipes, I decided to give this film a try even though it didn’t really sound very interesting.

This is definitely a very mediocre gangster/drug dealer film that isn’t able to be engaging on any level.

Snipes is miscast in the lead role and overplays his character far too often which ultimately makes things feel a bit too over the top.

The plot plays out in a formulaic way that makes it feel more like a soap opera than a crime thriller.

Many of the events in the story seem far too convenient and that makes things seem far too implausible the whole way through.

The biggest problem here is that they have a very talented cast of actors and actresses here yet they all seem wasted here in these roles since they can’t help make things more enjoyable and engaging to watch.

Theresa Randle, Khandi Alexander, Vondie Curtis Hall, Clarance Williams III, Abe Vigota and Ernie Hudson all are great actors, but one wouldn’t be able to guess that by watching the characters they play since they all feel far too stereotypical throughout.

The story itself is a mess and makes very little sense especially when they try far too hard to make things sound more important that they truly are.

Bottom Line – Really mediocre gangster film that doesn’t work on any level. Snipes overplays his character and that also hurts things far too much. The story plays out like a soap opera and many of the events feel as if they are too convenient as things unfold.  The cast is quite talented with Randle, Alexander, Curtis Hall, Hill, Williams, Vigoda and Hudson lending a hand to Snipes, but they are all wasted here in very stereotypical roles. The story makes very little sense and tries too hard to feel more important than it really is which is a shame.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The success of New Jack City (1991) got writer Barry Michael Cooper’s script for Sugar Hill (1993) attention in Hollywood. With Wesley Snipes already attached, it seemed like a home run, but none of the major studios were willing to touch the material due to its bleak nature. The script was eventually picked up and financed by indie production company Beacon Communications.(From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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