The Lamb’s September 2020 MOTM – My Rankings

As a frequent and steady contributor to The Large Ass Movie Blog, (The LAMB), I always try to get more people involved with the site.

Every Month, the site runs a poll based on the list of films submitted by LAMB members for the prestigious ability of being named as the Movie of the Month that will be discussed on the LAMBCAST podcast during that given month.

I decided that each month I will watch each of the films chosen and give my rankings of those films in order to decide which film I should vote for and in doing so, maybe help some of you also decide which film to vote for.

The voting is open until Sunday the 23rd of August, so make sure to get your vote in soon.

This month, there were 9 Contenders suggested so here they are:

  • American Honey (2016) [Patricia Collins, 3 Sentence Movie Reviews]
  • Broken Arrow (1996) [Aaron Neuwirth, The Code is Zeek]
  • Donnie Darko (2001) [Meg Hyland, Meg’s Movie Alphabet]
  • Goon (2011) [Mark Hofmeyer, Movies, Films & Flix]
  • The Last of Sheila (1973) [Sean Homrig, 1001 Movies Podcast]
  • Mean Machine (2001) [Jeanette Ward, The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl]
  • The Orphanage (2007) [Darren Lucas, Movie Reviews 101]
  • Pitch Black (2000) [Heather Baxendale, MILFcast]
  • Sing Street (2016) [Audrey Fox, 1001 Movies and Beyond]


Here are my rankings along with brief thoughts on each film (click on the film title if you want to read my full review)

9. American Honey (2016) – Really long and boring film that appears to have a point yet fails to be engaging enough throughout. The characters are far too superficial and it’s very difficult to sympathize or care about the characters. LaBeouf plays a character who is so hard to like because of the way he acts. The story drags along for too long and at close to 3 hours, this film needs to be trimmed a lot in order to be more interesting because as it is, things just don’t work at all. (3/10)

8. The Orphanage (2007) – Interesting idea that could have worked even better. The story moves along at a reasonable pace, yet they don’t manage to throw out enough thrilling or gripping elements for it to work even better as a horror film. The story works largely due to the fact that it isn’t an outright horror film but rather plays out as a thriller where we can see a character descending into madness without knowing what is real or imagined. The cast is quite good and make us feel everything that they seem to be going through. (5/10)

7. Mean Machine (2001) – Not the best remake of a classic 70’s film. The original version with Reynold’s is still much more enjoyable because they get the right tone for the humor and the depiction of the sport. Jones and Statham feel more like gimmicks in these roles than they should which hurts things a lot. The story isn’t very different from the original film and in general, the only real change felt is the sport itself which unfortunately just isn’t enough. (5/10)

6. Broken Arrow (1996) – Fun action film that is riddled with plot holes. Slater isn’t the best action hero, but he still manages to get things done. Travolta, on the other hand, plays his character too over the top which takes away from part of the believability of his character. Mathis is underused here which is quite a shame. The action scenes and effects are enjoyable, but this film fails to add anything unique to the genre. Woo’s directing skills are quiet apparent in many of the fight scenes because he loves to use slow motion during the various confrontations between the two sides. (5/10)

5. Goon (2011) – Interesting idea that might actually work better for those who are bigger fans of the sport of Hockey. The story works within its constraints and they do an average job presenting it. The cast is also ok but none of them really shine in their roles. The fact that hockey is a brutal sport is a well known fact, but this film tries to add a bit of humor to the carnage and it doesn’t make the film any more enjoyable than average. (6/10)

4. The Last of Sheila (1973) – Great idea for a film. The use of the various personas that help make a film work is extremely clever to use here. The cast is superbly chosen and Coburn stands out here as the best of he bunch. Loved the murder mystery style of it all and the twists and turns along the way kept getting more and more intriguing. The various explanations by the characters that sometimes contradicted each other helps make this even more mysterious to watch. Witty dialogue helps keep things very interesting the whole way through. (8/10)

3. Pitch Black (2000) – Very well done action- horror- sci-fi movie, but loses a bit of it’s punch if it isn’t the first time that you see it. (8/10)

2. Donnie Darko (2001) – Movie that can be understood and enjoyed on multiple levels. Love the mix of genres here between Drama, thriller and sci-fi. Great performances by all especially Gyllenhaal. (9/10)

1. Sing Street (2016) – Excellent film that drew me in from the start and didn’t wanna let go. Loved the 80’s vibe that reverberated throughout including music, hairstyles and of course wardrobes. Great young actors are able to keep us interested and we care so much about what happens to them all. The original music for the film is so catchy and it really all feels like 80’s music. (9/10)

So who should I vote for? – Tough choice because both SS and DD are really great films. I think SS is slightly better due to it’s light feel throughout; DD is a bit too heavy in its themes.  So I’m gonna vote for Sing Street.

To vote, click here


Good luck to one and all!!!

One thought on “The Lamb’s September 2020 MOTM – My Rankings

  1. Ha! If I made this list, I would flip the text of your American Honey and Donnie Darko review. I’m the champion of American Honey and was not a fan of DD. Although I agree that Sing Street is the best of this bunch.


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