Idiocracy (2006)

“The #1 movie in America was called “Ass.” And that’s all it was for 90 minutes. It won eight Oscars that year, including best screenplay. ” – Narrator

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Sep 2020)

Brief Synopsis – A soldier and a prostitute are cryogenically frozen while in a government experiment and when things go wrong, they wale up 500 years in the future.

My Take on it – Last week, 5 members of The LAMB participated in a time travel movie draft to try and get the best team.

Of the 25 films chosen in this 5 round draft, I had seen 22 of them and was curious about the other three; Idiocracy (2006), Happy Death Day (2017) and Army of Darkness (1992).

This was the first of the three films that I chose to watch and the concept seemed interested.

Unfortunately, the execution is horrendous.

This was such a silly movie that I don’t recall laughing even once at any of the jokes.

They take the premise much too far and due to the craziness of the characters and the plot, nothing seems to work and they constantly keep missing the mark on the jokes.

Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph are both great comedic actors, yet they have no chemistry together in this film which takes away from what is to be expected as a romantic connection.

All of the characters are one dimensional and under developed and it’s so hard to care about any of them.

The story keeps using the same jokes from the same characters and when a joke barely works the first time, there is no need to repeat it another hundred times, it wont get funnier, just annoying.

I understand the message and point of this film, but they truly could have done things in a more subtle way which probably would have been more effective because the ‘in your face’ attitude of this film feels like a sledgehammer over the head and they never seem to find the right way to do things.

A similar ‘time-travel’ concept was much more effective when Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock teamed up a decade earlier in Demolition Man (1993).

To vote for the best Time Travel movie team over at the LAMB, click here and vote.

Bottom Line – Really silly movie that doesn’t work at all. The concept is intriguing, but they take this to the far extreme and it misses all of the marks due to the craziness of it all. Wilson and Rudolph are both fun here but they have no chemistry together and that hurts things because it is expected. The characters are all under-developed and they keep using the same kind of jokes over and over that are barely funny the first time, but on the 100th time, it just gets too annoying. I understand the message and point they are trying to make here, but they could have done it more subtly because hitting the viewer over the head with a sledgehammer about the idea just fails to be the right way to do things.  Similar overall concept worked much better with Stallone and Bullock.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Writer and Director Mike Judge came up with the idea for the film while he was visiting Disneyland with his family and saw two mothers, with kids in strollers, fighting and cursing at each other. He thought it would be horrible if humanity was like this in the future. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (2/10)


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