Addams Family Reunion (1998) – 7K Review!!!

“[leafing through the mail and reading off the sender’s names on the “junk mail”] Let’s see here… Publisher’s Killing House… Tombs “R” Us… Hearse and Driver…” – Gomez Addams

Number of Times Seen – 1 (14 Oct 2020)

Brief Synopsis – The Addams’ try to research their genealogy by going to a family reunion.

My Take on it – This is a film that I was curious to watch based solely on the fact that I am a fan of the two previous films of the series.

Unfortunately, they do a terrible job here and fail to allow this film to work on any level.

The way that the lovable dark characters from this family are portrayed loses the whole essence of the story and doesn’t find a way to stay interesting or engaging at all.

Tim Curry is a great choice as Gomez on paper, but he isn’t able to make this character feel dark enough or funny enough in all that he does like his two predecessors John Aston and Raul Julia were able to do.

The choice to cast Darryl Hannah as Morticia tho, seems to have been a terrible idea no matter how you look at it and seems like an accident waiting to happen.

She isn’t able to play her character as it should be and the whole time it never works which is unfortunate because the story relies so heavily on the chemistry and connection between the couple which is non-existent here.

The tone of things isn’t dark enough for this kind of concept and the various antics by the characters come across as being far too silly for their own good.

The children are presented in too strange a fashion and never are able to hit their mark on things which also drags things down too much.

I guess there is a reason that this film was a made for TV film instead of getting a theatrical release like its too predecessors.

Bottom Line – Horrendous sequel that doesn’t work on any level. The characters that we have learned to love so much over the years are gutted here and fail to be engaging at all. The choice to cast Curry as Gomez makes sense on paper, but Hannah as Morticia is an accident waiting to happen. The film’s tone isn’t dark enough and many of the antics that happen here are far too silly. The way that the kids are presented also doesn’t work at all and drags the story down far too much.  There’s a reason that this was a made for TV film instead of a theatrical release like the two previous films.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Carel Struycken (Lurch) and Christopher Hart (Thing) are the only cast members to appear in all three Addams Family movies. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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