Genre Guesstimation – It Happened Tomorrow (1944)

The idea behind this feature (Genre Guesstimation) is for me to watch a bunch of new movies (or ones that I haven’t seen many times) from the chosen monthly GG genre in order to expand my knowledge of movies within that particular genre.

This month’s genre has been chosen by Kristen of KN Winiarski Writes and we will be reviewing our favorite Classic Fantasy films (thru the 1970’s).

Please get me your submissions by the 25th of Nov by sending them to

Try to think out of the box! Great choice Kristen!

Let’s see if I felt that this movie would be worthy of being in the company of my others favorite movies in the genre of Classic Fantasy films (thru the 1970’s)……

“News is what happens. What’s the difference whether it happens 50 years ago… or tomorrow?” – Pop Benson

“You mean Will happen tomorrow.” – Lawrence ‘Larry’ Stevens

“No. Time is only an illusion! Look, March 18, 1875. To the people then, this was the future; wasn’t it? Well, suppose we were all living on that date in 1875… and I arrived with this book. I can tell you everything that will happen.” – Pop Benson

Number of Times Seen – 1 (1 Nov 2020)

Brief Synopsis – A newspaper reporter miraculously receives tomorrow’s newspaper every day which is both a blessing and curse.

My Take on it – When Kristen chose this genre, I did some research in order to find older films that deal with fantastical elements that I had never heard of.

The premise of this film was right up my ally and reminded me of the TV show Early Edition starring Kyle Chandler which I was always a huge fan of.

They do a wonderful job handling this premise and it stays so intriguing throughout.

The film’s idea that someone can know the future based solely on receiving a future newspaper is so engaging and tells a story so well.

This film also doesn’t allow the character to actually change anything in the future, but it gives him knowledge of when and where certain events will occur no matter what he does.

The film has a great cast led by William Powell who does a wonderful job in the lead role.

Loved the way that the film doesn’t feel the need to explain why the magical aspects have occurred and that makes things even more engaging to watch unfold.

The message of this film about the way that events end up happening is great and allows us all to get a very different perspective on time and on news and events that happen.

The fact that this film was made over 75 years ago shows the way that powerful and poignant stories can be told without the need of special effects to enhance things.

Bottom Line – Amazing premise that is handled so well. The idea that someone could know what will happen in the future based on a newspaper seems like a great way to tell a story. The added fact that the character cannot change the future events is also novel because we bases all of his decision on what is written in the paper eve if he doesn’t quite understand it all.  The cast is perfect here and Powell is superb in the lead role.  Part of the film’s magic is the fact that they never quite explain how the fantastical elements occur, but it’s a matter of fact that they do.  The movie is able to tell a great message about how events come about. The fact that this movie was made over 75 years ago says so much about the fact that it isn’t necessary to use special effects in order to tell such a powerful and poignant story. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Frank Capra initially purchased the film rights to the story, but upon entering the U.S. Army for World War II, he sold the rights to Arnold Pressburger. (From IMDB)

Genre Grandeur Worthy? – Absolutely! Amazing premise that works so well especially given the era that it was made.

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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