Mickey Rooney: A Belated Centenary Blogathon – Operation Mad Ball (1957)

This is my 2nd of 3 submissions for the  Mickey Rooney: A Belated Centenary Blogathon being run by Kristen of KN Winiarski Writes

Tnx for letting me take part!

“I’m late. I have a date with a glass of milk.” – Pvt. Hogan

Number of Times Seen – 1 (20 Nov 2020)

Brief Synopsis – Soldiers stationed at a hospital in France immediately after the war, try to organize a secret dance with the nurses but need to find a way to conceal the plan from their commander.

My Take on it – This is yet another film that I had never heard of before finding it during my research for this blogathon.

The story itself sounded quite entertaining and that intrigued me.

They are able to keep things so fun for the entire time.

Jack Lemmon is perfectly cast in the lead role and makes his jack of all trades character so enjoyable to watch as he wheels and deals throughout the whole movie.

The film;s dialogue is great and the raid fire motion of it all helps the witticisms roll off the tongues of these characters.

The fact that so many people in this movie are aware of this secret party makes it hilarious to watch especially given how they are able to still keep it all a secret despite this.

There are lots of humorous scenes here that are so helpful in keeping this so much fun the whole way through.

In addition to Lemmon, the rest of the cast is also great and includes Ernie Kovacs, Mickey Rooney (in a very strange role), Dick York, Kathryn Grant, Arthur O’Connell and William Hickey.

Bottom Line – Really fun film that works so well. The cast is superbly led by Lemmon who plays this character so well because he truly is a jack of all trades The dialogue is rapid and witty as these soldiers do all they can to keep their plans a secret despite having so many people involved. The film is filled with lots of humorous scenes that helps keep things so enjoyable to watch unfold. The supporting cast feature lots of familiar faces like Kovacs, Rooney, York, Grant, O’Connell and Hickey.  Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Look for Mary Tyler Moore as part of the last couple entering the next to last ambulance to go to the ball (uncredited). This occurs just a few minutes prior to the end of the movie. On the Call Sheet, she’s listed as “Mary Moore” which was her acting name at that time. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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