Three Wishes (1995)

“We all lose things Tom, every day. Some things are so small, we hardly notice. Then others hurt a lot. But you know what? If we don’t give up, we’ll get to see… that we’re always getting something else instead.” – Jack

Number of Times Seen – 1 (22 Nov 2020)

Brief Synopsis – A stranger appears in a small town in the 1950’s and becomes friendly with a widow and her two children which changes all of their lives.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recently came across and was surprised that I’d never heard of it beforehand.

The story is quite good and the way that they present the theme and message of it all works so well.

the fact that things feel slightly magical also helps keep it even more engaging and fun to watch unfold.

Patrick Swayze does a great job with the lead character and helps make him seem so welcoming and helpful to all that he encounters.

Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio and Joseph Mazzello work well with him since he can easily be seen as a suitor and as a father figure when they need these things the most.

Love the way that this story plays out because they give a great mixture and drama, romance and fantasy throughout.

the choice to tell this story mostly in flashback works really well since it allows us to see the story from the perspective of an adult who views his childhood in a very phantasmagorical way as he reflects on things that happened in his own youth.

Swayze’s character is able to affect all of those around him so well which shows how even one person can affect so many lives around them as long as they each open themselves up to the vast possibilities that the world can give.

Bottom Line – Very enjoyable film that has a great theme and message and also feels quite magical in all that they do. Swayze is great in the lead role and works well with both Mastrantonio and Mazzello as both a suitor and a father figure. The story plays out really well and dances along the fine line between drama, romance and fantasy. The way that the story is told mostly in flashback helps add to the magical feel of it because we get to see things from the perspective of an adult reflecting on his childhood.  The way that Swayze’s character is able to affect so many lives in simple ways says so much about the power of one person helping so many others once they open themselves up to the vastness of possibilities. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In one scene Gunny watches King Kong (1933) and is terrified by a scene in which Kong munches on one of the natives. That scene was deleted from the original theatrical release and not restored until the 1970s (Three Wishes takes place in 1955). (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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