Elizabeth & Philip: Love and Duty (2017)

“It was a love story that captured the imagination of a nation. ” – Narrator

Number of Times Seen – 1 (24 Nov 2020)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary celebrating the 70th Wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

My Take on it – This is a documentary that I came across by accident and was quite interested in seeing how it would depict things.

The Royal family is known to have had many scandals over the years, but the steadiness of the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has always been able to hold things together.

On the occasion of their 70th Wedding Anniversary, this film shows how they met and how their courtship progressed over the years.

They give us so much information about their personal lives which helps gain a much better understanding of their lives.

In addition, this movie interviews numerous other couples who also celebrated their 70th Anniversary at the same time in order to allow some perspective on how a couple can survive together for so 7 decades.

The one drawback of this film is that it isn’t able to give us real interviews with the Royal couple which would have enhanced things even more since we would be able to get to hear their personal viewpoints and opinion on the issue at hand.

Bottom Line – Intriguing documentary that is able to tell the viewer so much about the personal lives of the heads of the British Royal family The film depicts the courtship of the couple and gives us a better understanding of how they have managed to stay together over so many years. The choice to interview other couples married at the same time and experiencing the same anniversary also helps to give a broader perspective on such a long and happy marriage. The fact that they aren’t able to give us interviews with the Royal couple is a bit disappointing because it would enhance things even more if we were to get their personal viewpoints on the subject. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – They are second cousins once removed through King Christian IX of Denmark and third cousins through Queen Victoria. After another meeting at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in July 1939, Elizabeth—though only 13 years old—said she fell in love with Philip, and they began to exchange letters. (From Wikipedia)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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