Thanks and Apologies

To all my dear reader,

I’d like to formally apologize for inundating your mailbox over the last 10 days with 236 backlogged reviews.

AS you probably noticed, die to COVID-19, over the curse of the past 7 months, I have fallen back on my reviews and then each subsequent month added more and more.

I decided to try and end 2020 with minireviews of all of those films that I watched, yet never had a chance to review, but alas, with such a high number of films backlogged, it too me longer than expect (5 days or o)

I can now say WHEW!!! because I finished this review marathon and hope to get back on track from here on in.


Once again, sorry f it pissed you off and hopefully each of you were able to find (at least) a few of the mini-reviews worth taking a look at!


Once again, if it wasnt fr all of your support this blog and my reviews, wouldn;t be worth writing so a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who reply, like or read my thoughts on the films I watch!


Onward and upward for 2021!!




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