MovieRob’s Birthday Bash of Favorites 2021 (#30 of 48) – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Encore Review 7

January is my birthday month, so I decided that I would try and do something quite unique and special for this milestone in my life. I will be turning 47, so I decided to watch 48 (47+1 for good luck) of my all time favorite movies in a random order over the course of this month.  I have reviewed every one of these films already, but I will now give new perspectives on them all. Every one of these films received a 10/10 scoring from me.  Some of these reviews will contain spoilers so if you have never seen them before, I recommend that you read some of my previous reviews of the film that were spoiler free before reading on…

Hope you enjoy!

This is film #30 of the 48.

Let’s continue with…

Initial Viewing Memories – I saw this not long after it came out not knowing anything about the characters or story line or how it fits into the MCU and was blown away. Even after so many films in the series, it still remains my favorite of the films in the MCU. (so far)

“I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.” – Gamora

Number of Times Seen – 8 (10 Nov 2014, 28 Nov 2014, 2 Apr 2015, 12 May 2015, 17 Jan 2016, 29 May 2018, 8 Dec 2019 and 18 Jan 2021)

Link to original reviewHere, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here

Brief Synopsis – A group of galactic misfits band together in order to try and stop a tyrant from gaining possession of a powerful orb.

My Take on it – Such a fun sci-fi fantasy film that works both as stand alone story and as part of the greater MCU.  The characters are introduced and developed really well and the mix of sci-fi and humor adds so much to the story. The special effects are superbly done and that helps make it fit in with the rest of the MCU universe especially given the fact that this is the very first to take place in outer space and show the universal effects of Thanos and Ronan’s plans. The universe that these characters inhabit feels very “lived-in” and that also helps make things feel even more realistic to watch unfold. The soundtrack of this film is amazing and fits in so well with the story line while enhancing things so much. The chemistry between these 5 completely different characters is great and we ca easily see why they end up being such a great team when working together. The pop-culture references that Quill uses are great because as a kid of the 80’s, it all seems so fresh and fun because that is all he knows about Earth pop culture. The action scenes are superbly done and help enhance the story even more. This is one of the few films in the MCU that I can watch over and over and never get bored of because of the way that it all plays out so well. Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – James Gunn has confirmed, via Twitter, that Peter Quill’s ship in the film is named The Milano after Alyssa Milano, Peter Quill’s childhood crush. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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