MovieRob’s Birthday Bash of Favorites 2021 (#34 of 48) – Groundhog Day (1993) – Encore Review 4

January is my birthday month, so I decided that I would try and do something quite unique and special for this milestone in my life. I will be turning 47, so I decided to watch 48 (47+1 for good luck) of my all time favorite movies in a random order over the course of this month.  I have reviewed every one of these films already, but I will now give new perspectives on them all. Every one of these films received a 10/10 scoring from me.  Some of these reviews will contain spoilers so if you have never seen them before, I recommend that you read some of my previous reviews of the film that were spoiler free before reading on…

Hope you enjoy!

This is film #34 of the 48.

Let’s continue with… 

Initial Viewing Memories – Saw this in the theater and was amazed by the storytelling and have seen this film over and over in the 28 year since it came out.

“This is pitiful. A thousand people freezing their butts off waiting to worship a rat. What a hype. Groundhog Day used to mean something in this town. They used to pull the hog out, and they used to eat it. You’re hypocrites, all of you!” – Phil

Number of Times Seen – No clue but more than 15 times (Theater in ’93, numerous times on DVD, 16 May 2013, 25 Dec 2014, 10 Dec 2016, 21 Nov 2019 and 20 Jan 2021)

Link to original reviewHere, Here, Here and Here

Brief Synopsis – A sarcastic weatherman gets stuck in a time loop on Feb 2 and must relive the same day over and over and over again for what seems like eternity.

My Take on it – Such a unique and profound premise that has been copies unsuccessfully so often over the years. The mix of romance, comedy and a dash of sci-fi/fantasy helps keep this so entertaining no matter how often one sees it. Bill Murray is superb in the lead role and this is IMHO, the best performance of his career. His character arc is so poignant and he is able to play the character in so many different ways that it works so well. The supporting cast is also great and help add so much more personality to the story.  The film is able to give us just enough of a taste of many of the days that he experiences while alluding to so many more.  The music is great and adds so much to the film.  Love the Pennsylvania Polka song which works so well with the repetitive feel of the story. Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The scene where Phil picks up the alarm clock and slams it onto the floor didn’t go as planned. Bill Murray slammed down the clock, but it barely broke, so the crew bashed it with a hammer to give it the really smashed look. The clock actually continued playing the song like in the movie. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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