The Ghost Writer (2010)

“Spare me the bleeding-heart bullshit! Do you know what I’d do if I was in power again? I’d have two queues at airports: one for flights where we’d done no background checks, infringed on no one’s civil bloody liberties, used no intelligence gained by torture. And on the other flight we’d do everything we possibly could to make it perfectly safe. And then we’d see which plane the Rycarts of this world would put their bloody kids on! And you can put that in the book!” – Adam Lang

Number of Times Seen – Twice (27 Oct 2010 and 15 Mar 2021)

Brief Synopsis – A writer is hired to pen the autobiography of a former British Prime Minister’s who’s previous ghost writer was murdered under suspicious circumstances.

My Take on it – Great thriller that is able to find the right level of suspense and mystery throughout.

Ewan MacGregor is great in the lead and they do a wonderful job allowing the audience to learn about all of the intrigue along with him as the story unfolds in ways one might never expect.

The way that they keep so much of the story in the dark helps add to the suspense and tension throughout since we never quite know who to trust and believe as things move along.

Pierce Brosnan is a nice choice to play the former Prime Minister and the rest of the cast are all stellar which helps keep things so enjoyable and entertaining to watch unfold.

Olivia Williams, Jon Bernthal, Timothy Hutton, Kim Cattrall, Tom Wilkinson and Eli Wallach all add so much to the suspense of it all.

Roman Polanski knows how to make a very thrilling story and does a great job with this film.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Ewan McGregor has said that the script never named his character, so in his head, his character name was Gordon McFarquhar. The credits simply list him as The Ghost (the character is never named in the original novel). (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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