One Fine Day (1996) – Encore Review

“I only wanted to warn you that Sammy can get into trouble faster than you can make most women smile.” – Melanie

Number of Times Seen – Between 5-10 times (in theater, video, DVD, 27 Oct 2000, 9 Nov 2013 and 18 Apr 2021)

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Brief Synopsis – Two divorcees must work together juggling work deadlines and their kids after their kids accidentally miss a class trip.

My Take on it – Really fun film that works so well due to the performances of both George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer who have amazing chemistry together.

The story plays out really well and they are able to integrate both the work and family aspects into the pot in a really enjoyable and fun way.

The characters are developed quite well and over the course of the film, we get to know both of them on such a deeper level that it helps make us care.

As with most Rom-coms, things are quite predictable as to what will eventually happen, yet the fun is always watching the characters reach that pint.

This movie keeps things moving at a really enjoyable pace which in turn helps make us care so much about these characters along the way.

The two lead characters seem so very different on the surface, but once you get deeper into things it’s easier to see how much they really complement one another.

The movie’s theme song by Kenny Loggins is amazing and adds so much to the way we can look at these characters and their budding relationship.

Listen to it here

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Maggie Taylor forgets the kitten’s name, it was not a part of the script. Mae Whitman actually forgot the kitten’s name and stayed in character. The director thought that it was so cute that he kept it in the movie. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10) (no change from original review)


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