Chicken Run (2000) – Encore Review

“Now, the most important thing is, we have to work as a team, which means: you do everything I tell you.” – Rocky

Number of Times Seen – At least 3 times (Cable in 2001, 15 Sep 2016 and 23 Apr 2021)

Link to original reviewHere

Brief Synopsis – A group of hens in a chicken coop try and find a way to escape before their owner turns them all into chicken pot pie.

My Take on it –This is a film that I was never the biggest fan of, but since I’m currently doing a Podcast on The Great Escape (1963), numerous guests have tried to get me to rewatch it in order to reevaluate my thoughts on it.

This film is truly a great homage to The Great Escape (1963) and numerous other escape films, but they seem to slightly fail at getting things to work more smoothly in order to keep the story engaging.

The best part of this film is the animation which is truly exquisite in all that it does.

The characters look amazing and the stop motion animation is done nearly perfectly which adds so much to the story.

This film is actually one of the reasons for the inception of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature because of the backlash for not receiving any nominations.

The story plays out quite well and they do a nice job with the various characters but something still seems missing that would make this even more enjoyable to watch.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Many sequences were modeled after The Great Escape (1963). When Ginger is digging the tunnel, she is shown on a small trolley being pulled through the tunnel like the character played by Charles Bronson. When she is locked up, she bounces a ball against the wall like the character played by Steve McQueen. Even the music is similar to the “Escape” theme. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10) (slight upgrade from original review)


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