Genre Grandeur – Due Date (2010) – Ten Stars or Less

For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Travel Films here’s a review of Due Date (2010) by Ryan of Ten Stars or Less

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Let’s see what Ryan thought of this movie:



duedate When you sit down to watch Due Date, you should know what you are about to witness. If you are not a fan of Zach Galifianakis and his comedy, this particular film won’t be for you. If you are used to seeing Robert Downey Jr. star in blockbuster films and not used to see him in this type of role, then Due Date won’t be that entertaining for you. I initially caught this buddy road trip comedy when it came to theatres in 2010. If memory serves me right, this film wasn’t a hit for me, and I couldn’t believe I wasted my time and money on it. Then several years later, I watched it again because why not? It’s a comedy, and maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it that first time. Then I was invited to participate in this month’s Genre Grandeur about travelling movies, and this film popped in my head. I don’t like to watch and review the cliche movies of the genre; I want to go off the charts and find a film that doesn’t usually pop up on everyone’s radar. Hundred-plus critics claimed that Due Date was just a modern-day version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I only watched that movie a few years ago for the first time, so I never knew about the comparisons. Fast forward to the other day, and I can say I don’t see it. If anything, the original is more heartfelt, and the budding relationship between the two leads was natural. The principal leads in Due Date hate each other, and their interactions felt forced, like a device to move the plot forward. The biggest reason why I don’t see the comparisons is that this is a story that has we’ve seen several hundred times in films across every genre. Buddy comedies seem to be a hit almost every time they hit the big screen, so they keep making them. Due Date is no exception. Two conflicting personalities use one another to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Sadly it’s all been done before, so even the moments you wouldn’t expect, like the masturbating in a car or someone brewing a dead guy’s ashes into coffee, those moments are just so hit and miss. It is hard to get invested in either character because their emotions flip flop every few seconds; you can’t tell if they are themselves, or sincere, or ruthless. I love Downey Jr and think his role as Iron Man is something no one will ever be able to duplicate. Yet in Due Date, it is hard to believe that the same actor is the same guy you are watching fumble his way across the south. I can openly admit that Galifianakis is someone I can’t watch regularly. I can’t pinpoint if it’s his appearance or delivery; there’s just something about him I can’t stand. There are some things to enjoy about him in The Hangover, but he was just unwatchable in this one. I wanted to feel bad about his dad’s ashes turning into coffee, but he was so stupid; that moment just summed up his character’s inabilities. Due Date came out three years before I launched my blog, so it was fun to go back and check another theatre visit off my list. This buddy comedy is on Netflix and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. They smoke a lot of weed in the film, so this may be the perfect stoner movie, with an all-star in top billing. Trust me when I say you’ve seen worse and you’ve seen better. Either way, watch it if you dare. 3/10

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