Genre Grandeur – Goalie (2019) – Ten Stars or Less

For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Biographical Films here’s a review of Goalie (2019) by Ryan of Ten Stars or Less

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Let’s see what Ryan thought of this movie:




Hockey has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a fan who lived and breathed the game, I checked out and read every book at the local library. I became acquainted with the game’s greatest during my childhood, those who starred in the National Hockey League decades before I was even born. One of those brave men was Terry Sawchuk.

Terry is one of the top five goalies ever to play since he finished his short career as the NHL leader in shutouts (104) and victories (447). No matter what he did on or off the ice, there is no doubt that he was the best goalie in the record books for half a century.

Hockey has evolved, and goalies now stop the puck with layers of padding. Terry played in an era that wearing a face mask made you a coward. He took shot after shot to the face, which required hundreds of stitches and several surgeries to recover. He vowed never to miss a game because he lived in fear of losing his job. Goalie aimed to hit the highs and lows of Terry’s career, which started with the Detroit Red Wings in 1947 and tragically ended with the New York Rangers in 1970.

Goalie taught me many things about Terry on a personal and professional level. When he was a teenager, his brother died suddenly, leaving a massive void in his life. To honour his brother, Terry wanted to honour him by taking his place as the team’s goalie. While progressing through the minor leagues, Terry developed anxiety issues that when he finally made it professionally, his demons got the best of him.

Haunted and conflicted at every turn, Terry drank his way through his first marriage, and his off-ice antics eventually cost him his job on the ice. I could not believe the conflicts he forged on and off the ice. History books usually focus on someone’s playing career; however, Goalie showed us the long-term effects of getting a hockey puck to the skull every other night.

Terry was a tortured soul who died very suddenly in 1970. When he was on his game, he was indeed one of the best. When things affected him, he battled, and he didn’t usually win. It was sad to learn the dark side of his life, but not every legend has a happy ending.

Goalie could have been ten times better. Given that it was a made-for-TV movie, I can see that the budget wasn’t big enough to provide the story with what it needed to be successful. I knew I was in for a joyride when none of the NHL teams had authentic jerseys or logos due to copyrights.

Now, the film wasn’t all that bad, the hockey sequences were pretty good, and the focus was squarely on Terry’s face as he made saves with the leather and his cheekbones. I took a lot away from Goalie and recommended people check it out if they wish to know the struggles some of the game’s greatest suffered through. However, if you want to watch a good hockey movie, I’d advise you to pick something else.

This film is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but the story had all the potentials of a classic.


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