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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Summer Camp Movies here’s a review of The Parent Trap (1961) by Me

Thanks again to Joe of The MN Movie Man for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s genre has been chosen by Joel of Joel Watches Movies and we will be reviewing our favorite Movies of the Outdoors (any movie set primarily outside and where nature figures significantly into their plot or themes.)

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Let’s see what I thought of this movie:


“Oh yes! Don’t say anything about that dear, sweet, precious Vicky! That plus-faced child bride and her electric hips!” – Margaret ‘Maggie’ McKendrick

Number of Times Seen – Between 3-5 times (cable in the 80’s, 23 Apr 2018 and 29 Jun 2021)

Link to original reviewHere

Brief Synopsis – Two separated twins accidentally meet at summer camp and try to scheme to reunite their parents.

My Take on it – When Joe chose this theme for this month, this was the first movie that came to mind.

As a kid I recall seeing this movie numerous times and enjoying the clever concept of it all.

The idea about two separated twins could end up meeting one another and finding a way to try and get their parents back together is quite ingenious.

Haley Mills does a wonderful job in the dual role and even with the limited special effects of the early 1960’s, they are able to pull off making the viewer believe that there are really two actresses playing these characters.

The story is based on a best selling novel and Disney was able to adapt it really well that things still feel very relevant even after 60 years.

The story is a bit too tame and that would be my one criticism even though I’m aware that it’s a Disney family friendly film.

Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara are both wonderful as the parents and their performances enhance the story even more.

The best pars of this film are the ones that are in the summer cam because they allow the audience to see the way of life in camps like this and how these young girls would act when away from home.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The screenplay originally called for only a few trick photography shots of Hayley Mills in scenes with herself. The bulk of the movie was to be shot using a body double. When producer Walt Disney saw how seamless the processed shots were, he ordered the script reconfigured to include more of the visual effect. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10) (no change from original review)


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