The Tomorrow War (2021)

“Second chances are really hard to come by.” – Dan Forester

Number of Times Seen – 1 (5 Jul 2021)

Brief Synopsis – After time travelers from the future arrive in the present, they begin to enlist the population in a way to try and fight a future war.

My Take on it – Very intriguing idea that works in so many different ways.

The fact that the film deals with a ‘backwards’ time travel story is done really well and definitely touches upon numerous aspects of time travel that are usually not even discusses.

Chris Pratt is great here in the lead role and sheds his usual persona in order to make his character seem very different from the kinds he has portrayed in the past.

The story flows quite well and is able to blend together the genres of sci-fi, drama, action and horror all in one.

The special effects are done quite well and that helps make things feel even more realistic to watch unfold.

As with most time travel films, there are lots of holes within the plot, but its easy to ignore them because it’s so much fun to view as they present things.

The aliens are rendered quite well even if they seem a bit too familiar or similar to other sci-fi aliens of the past.

The supporting cast is also great and Sam Richardson, J.K. Simmons and Yvonne Strahovski all add so much to the way this story plays out.

This is by far not even close to being one of the best films of its genre, but it’s still quite innovative and clever in the way that it plans the story out.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – J.K. Simmons’ (66-years-old) much-talked-about ‘buff old man’ look in the movie, according to director Chris McKay, is actually based on Instagram pictures of Simmons that went viral in 2016 after his trainer Aaron V. Williamson posted them. The series of gym shots showed Simmons with a huge shaggy white beard, wearing a sleeveless muscle-shirt, doing intense bicep curls with his biceps bulging out incredibly. When it came to casting the role of the crazy but bad-ass father (of Chris Pratt) who is living off the grid, McKay said he immediately recalled the viral images, reached out to Simmons and asked him, “Hey, I don’t know what shape you’re in now. But if it’s possible, I really want you to get to that jacked-up guy again and grow out your beard”. Simmons said of the 2016 pictures, “That blew up after it was posted on Instagram”. He nevertheless accepted the role as he was attracted by the challenge of building that body again. In the final film, Simmons puts his muscular arms on full display first in a tight bicep-hugging t-shirt and later on in a sleeveless muscle-shirt that shows off his biceps even more prominently. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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